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4 Years on Tengaged and PYN!

2ndFeb 22, 2013 by Megan
imageToday is officially my 4 year anniversary on Tengaged!! When I joined this website in 2009, I never thought that I would stay here for so long. There have been many things that I have enjoyed about this website, but also a few things that have upset me and made me want to quit.   I hate all of the drama sometimes especially if I have an argument with one of my friends. But, I know that drama is just part of this website and I learned to just deal with it.

Well, I have accomplished a lot on this website in my 4 years that I have been here. I won 69 of those 10 person slow rookies, which were removed a few years ago. I think I did have the most of those slow rookies wins as well. I have always been great at slow castings and won like 80 of them. I have also been in the hall of fame for a little over 3 years. I reached the hall of fame in November 2009, and have not left the top 20 ever since then.  I actually think that I will be out of the hall of fame by the end of this year, but oh well. I don’t even know how I managed to stay there this long either because I don’t really play many games.  My KPG is pretty good too considering we did not get a lot of karma for castings, rookies, and survivor back in 2009 and 2010.

There are still a few things that I would like to do on this website. I have always wanted to have my own shop, but I doubt that I will because I spend all my ts so quickly. I really want to have 200 designs though because that’s a pretty good amount. I would also like to win a stars game because a lot of the high ranked people have won, and I feel like I am one of the only ones that hasn't.  Stars is too stressful for me though, so not sure if I would join again.

There have certainly been a lot of changes on this website in the past 4 years. It’s really cool to have been on here for so long and to see this website become more popular and change so much. I think there were only like 200 to 300 users on this website when I first joined. These days it seems like there are thousands of people on here. There was not much on this website when I joined either, but now we have all these games, shops, and color levels. I am sure there will be even more changes in the future and I look forward to seeing them all.

Well, I still do miss the old castings from 2009. I especially want those 10 person slow rookies to come back. But I know good things don’t always last forever. However, the slow rookies and castings that we have now are pretty good alternatives to what we used to have on this site. I still really do enjoy joining castings and rookies on this website and just talking to people.

I just want to say thank you to everyone in The Actives frat for being great friends. All of you are just so kind and easy to get along with. I am glad to be friends with every single one of you! Also, thanks to all of my friends for always been so nice and fun to talk to. I may have lost touch with some of you, but I still like every one of my friends that I have met on here. I want to join games with all of you more often!
Thank you to randomize for making such a wonderful website and working so hard on it throughout the years!

So now post your name and I will tell you my favorite memory that I have had with you on this site. If I don’t really know you, then you can still post your name and I will just say something nice about you! I will update this blog later tonight.


omg gratz megan ily < 333
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yay me ily < 3 3
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grats & meee
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Grats :)
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< 3 gj frend :*
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Grats and taryna cuff
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Congrats :D
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Yay congrats!!!! MEEEEE!
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Congrats me
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get it megan  xx
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yaaay XD
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Me :-) I want a long one duh
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yay nice things :o
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Congrats megan!
and me!
Sent by JasonXtreme,Feb 22, 2013
me :)
remember me from iangavin's charity?
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sorry ur chairty is getting ruined but grats!
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Meeeeee and grats on the big four!
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congrats megan!
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yay megan :)
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Oh! You joined 1 day before me! :o
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Me :)

And grats!
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so me
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me :D
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Fink :)
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grats :D ily
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Congratz Meg! :)
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Grats Meg
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kkk :)
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Grats Megan!
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Grats Megan!
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Grats, Megan! xo.
Sent by Lucinda,Feb 23, 2013
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Congratz.  I too started in 2009 and the website has changed big time.  I loved slow castings and rookies.  I took 2 years off and there are lots of people from back then that are gone.  I'm sure you'll make it to the HOF.. gratz again.
Sent by PhishDead,Feb 23, 2013
Me Please!
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Congrats Megan and sorry I missed your charity and the re-do!
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....and you never did come and update this blog, bitch. Megan
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