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Anyone who bets in these games are idiots

Dec 28, 2016 by McBenjamin

Literally have fun wasting 90+ T$ because the multi-owners are just trolling you guys. Dumbasses.


Oops. Wish I read that a minute ago!
Sent by RawrItsNick,Dec 28, 2016
omg yay for me forgetting to check on bets
Sent by IceBeast,Dec 28, 2016
That wouldn't make sense though if I'm right about who the owner is because they'd basically be robbing themselves as well.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 28, 2016
why r u dumb he won us ts last week
Sent by unkown,Dec 28, 2016
oh yeah I definitely am just trolling haha!
Sent by Michaelf1114,Dec 28, 2016

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