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Clearing my name

12thDec 22, 2016 by McBenjamin
So I logged onto Tengaged today just to see that my obsessive stalker Roshy made ANOTHER top blog about me  [ ]

To add to his collection :

So Roshan is claiming that I'm the same person Asz9191 when I couldn't have access to that account even if I wanted to. This this is the paranoid psycho's reasoning or "evidence" if you will as to why he thinks this is:

"I didn't know until I saw he called MargaretWilkins a bastard and that he would vote her because everyone sheeped her. Only ben says that ever lmao and he said "truly" too many times just like Ben. Honestly if I am wrong I would shoot myself

I am friends with the original account so who obv my number 1 enemy on tengaged gives me 13th on it. I can't wait for his response.
Sent by Roshy,Dec 22, 2016"

Uhm okay? LOL. First off, if you are really an expert of what I say in my games, then you really need to get a new hobby and stop stalking my games because I literally NEVER play games with you.

Secondly, you think one word determines while I'm that person or not? You are literally the most paranoid obsessive pathological liar I have ever encountered with. Everyone knows you're obsessed with me Roshan. It's no secret that you stalk my games and think about me 24/7.

So yeah anyway, I'm not Asz9191. I don't have access to that account and I wouldn't have access to it even if I wanted to.

Sorry to the losers who were ACTUALLY gullible enough to believe this obsessive stalker creep's claim:



-10 liar
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Dec 22, 2016
Your such a bad liar. Go to church
Sent by astone929,Dec 22, 2016
Roshy made a blog
We made t a top blog
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Dec 22, 2016
Sent by fishingguy22,Dec 22, 2016
Lmao at this desperate attempt
Sent by Roshy,Dec 22, 2016
You actually didn't prove anything. 14 people on ur Skype list according to mathboy xD
Sent by Roshy,Dec 22, 2016
I mean, You showed no proof to you not being Asz, and the way you attacked margaret is literally how you have attacked countless other people. Sorry not buying it bb
Sent by ApplecorAJ,Dec 22, 2016
Mcbenjamin ur a dirty fuckin liar that breaks promises to everyone and then when someone who you betrayed doesn't help you you stupidly wonder why that is. Your a terrible heartless human being and all you care about is abusing others to get what you want
Sent by dwipeouts,Dec 22, 2016

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