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Facts on Why There Are Only 2 Genders.

Dec 15, 2016 by McBenjamin
Gender & sex is not a social construct. However, aspects of genders are. Ex; women wear dresses & high heels, men wear ties etc. If there was a third gender, then there would be a 3rd sex organ between the legs for people that isn't a penis or vagina. But there's not. There's only a penis & a vagina.

Yes, intersex people and hermaphrodites do exist. But being intersex is a birth deformity, and it doesn't classify as a 3rd gender. Everyone (as well as intersex folks) have either an XX chromosone or an XY chromosone.

And yes, I do agree that a lot of people do not identify as male or female & consider themselves "agender" or "gender queer" or "non-binary", but those do not classify as a third gender. It just simply means that you don't identify with either gender.

Transgender is also not a third gender. It simply means that you are transitioning to the opposite gender from the gender you were biologically born with.

Look, I'm not here to regulate thoughts. I'm just simply saying that you cannot change the laws of science & biology to justify your agenda. This argument is driving MANY people (such as myself) away from SJW's & liberal ideas. I do support the LGBT community, but what I will never support is people trying to debunk biological facts and deceiving people to convince them that their false ideas are accurate.


I think this is an argument for there is only two biological sexes, and not that of gender. I will be glad to talk to you about it more though. I just want to address this now, so that you know I saw it and will return to it at a later time.
Sent by Supahhero,Dec 15, 2016
I am apart of the LGBT community and I think this topic is very debatable, depending on who you are and your point of view. I think a lot of the reason some people may identify themselves as agender is because they don't want to be labeled (this is just my opinion not facts). But I do like this post and don't see it offensive in anyway, shape or form.
Sent by Macda27,Dec 15, 2016

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