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  1. When ur playing league
  2. the dust hasn't settled
  3. who want's me to invite
  4. If I was you
  5. Good night tengaged!
  6. I'm so rich and exclu!
  7. nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
  8. I'm 18
  9. Here's a gif
  10. not all muslims are from islam
  11. why is there black tea
  12. hi
  13. *Struts into tengaged*
  14. Exclu!
  15. tengaged in a nutshell
  16. my favorite time of day
  17. Who deleted my blogs?
  18. Remember in 2016
  19. who wants to be friends huns?
  21. lmao queens!
  22. List of my past Exclu Shops
  23. jesus where r u
  24. So fat people
  25. Imagine being Halloween
  26. If I asked you to join my posse
  27. New weave design ❤
  28. Taking applicants for my Posse
  29. first person to trend me in a blog
  30. literally
  31. I had a dream
  32. Messy After-sex [NEW WEAVE]
  33. Good Night ❤
  34. Come play Epicmafia
  36. PYN if you want to join
  37. he wants nudes.
  38. they call me jenzie
  39. he's ugly irl lmao!
  40. I was supposed to snap bomberv

Making fun of dead people

Jan 3, 2018 by Maybelline
Isn’t funny Martzia (whoever’s multi you are). Think about their families... you cunt. Rip Jayden Lunapark


Sent by melindaMrskk,Jan 3, 2018

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