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  1. this song is a BOP
  2. timeless.
  3. PYN for a reason I like you
  4. good night tg! <3
  5. Lmao I'm done
  6. I wanna gift someone
  7. aren't you like 39 (barf)
  8. im crying right now
  9. Which guy should I hook up w/?
  10. why are there female/male perfumes
  11. I feel like a bachelorette rn
  12. just had sex with an asian
  13. any1 want a gift?
  14. Thinking of leaving Tengaged
  15. How does Day Change work?
  16. my avatar is so ugly
  17. Good morning chicas
  18. Sunmi Gashina Dress
  19. Can I have a +? <3
  21. reminder:
  22. I have a surprise for you ;)
  23. First Plussers?
  24. hbu
  25. If black people
  26. is this shops name appropriate?
  27. Ween can't even win stars
  28. Things I love in life
  29. Imagine joining stars
  30. Yas HQ is starting
  31. I'm back in Australia
  32. HQ is so rigged...
  33. Gift me the LB curls
  34. Exposing Ashleybabyx3 - UPDATED!!
  35. Let’s expose Ashleybabyx3!
  36. For every +20 points
  37. Can someone gift me
  38. I just noticed
  39. Very excited to announce
  40. After a long day of work

Ok Seriously

Jan 2, 2018 by Maybelline
It pisses me OFF whenever someone says “I wish I was pretty like you!”. Like bitch, do you know how hard it is to have men staring @ you and wanting to fuck you all the time. It’s horrible!

Tagging other hot tengagers who can relate


i feel honoured x
Sent by Irelia,Jan 2, 2018
having people ask how i get so skinny 25 times a day is so frustrating. maybe don't ask me as your chowig down on a fucking triple baconator?
Sent by KatherinePierce,Jan 2, 2018
Oh yes.
Sent by Ametrine,Jan 2, 2018
how can you tag brxan when you dont even know what he looks like
Sent by melindaMrskk,Jan 2, 2018

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