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  1. PYN if you want to join
  2. he wants nudes.
  3. they call me jenzie
  4. he's ugly irl lmao!
  5. I was supposed to snap bomberv
  6. Maybelline's Posse (Taking Applicants)
  7. Praying for some of you.
  8. Stars Support
  9. Lana deserves billboards
  10. imagine being a taylor/camila fan
  12. + for Lana Del Rey
  14. Gift me that ariana dress
  15. it's funny
  16. imagine
  17. Who want's to join
  18. who wants to join
  19. when your bae texts you 1st
  20. Ew
  21. Halloween, when we said get a job
  22. ew die of obesity pls
  23. Tengaged Meetup <3
  24. PYN for a gift
  25. I have multis on grindr
  26. IK who hacked ronnie!
  27. Early Stars Support
  28. not all muslims are from islam
  29. hq is starting
  30. good morning tg
  31. LOLYES
  32. Wait who hacked who?
  33. Can I get a + pls :3
  34. Quaking
  35. this song is a BOP
  36. timeless.
  37. PYN for a reason I like you
  38. good night tg! <3
  39. Lmao I'm done
  40. I wanna gift someone

My funeral was a frookies game

Dec 29, 2017 by Maybelline


did you make it a frookies game because you know brxan wouldnt show up if it was anything different?
Sent by maturo,Dec 29, 2017
maturo no one showed up anyway
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 29, 2017

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