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  1. PYN for a gift.
  2. Electra Heart here is in AUCTIONS
  3. Gemma eyes are in AUCTIONS
  4. Who wants to be on my gift list?
  5. I just got fired
  6. I just fucked up real bad LOL
  7. So I have a job interview today
  8. I've had a horrible day ;-; please +
  9. I'm shaken!!
  10. Plzz plus I need to go to sleep ;-;
  11. ++ IF YOU WANT A GIFT!
  12. I always plus spam but no1 plusses me :(
  13. Can u all stfu about this drama
  14. I need just 1 more plus! <3
  15. OMG
  16. Break 600 and I鈥檒l love you
  17. Help me get my first shop? :s
  18. Good morning plusses? 鉂わ笍
  19. I always plus spam but no1 plusses me :(
  20. Does anyone want that weave
  21. I was just added to a chat
  22. I wanna mean something
  23. if you have 500t$+
  24. I hate gay people.
  25. Who wants to play Secret Hitler
  26. Have several seats sis
  28. Electra Heart Design [PICS]
  29. Electra Heart Designs [PICS]
  30. My ava is serving you
  31. I got a job interview at Mcdonalds.
  32. PYN your fav verse from the bible
  33. PYN for a gift.
  34. Here's a pic of my flat ass (pic)
  35. +100
  36. LMFAO???
  37. Lmao?
  38. if you have 500t$+
  39. Good morning x
  40. I just posted a pic

What should I design next?

Dec 29, 2017 by Maybelline
Give me ideas 馃槡馃榿


Design Disney stuff :P
Sent by Paige5459,Dec 29, 2017
more KPOP!
Sent by Brxan,Dec 29, 2017
brxan I wanted to design a Seventeen (male) swearshirt
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 29, 2017
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Dec 29, 2017
death's cloth
Sent by _Finesse,Dec 29, 2017
The last time I did, you said you were leaving and then never responded to me..
Sent by ConstanceMarie,Dec 29, 2017
Constancemarie Ya I said I was going overseas but I com3 back soon
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 29, 2017
Chocolate eyes for guy (cheap pls lol on a budget)
Sent by SaltyCracker,Dec 29, 2017

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