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Big Brother 2- Episode 8- Triple Eviction

Jan 14, 2013 by MattsBBUpdates
Currently in game:
1. Danielle43 (returning)
2 kyledd
3. cjuddy - Outgoing HOH
4. SpaceCadet
5. Carlisle
6. Sportygirl22
7. dsrh68 (returning)
8. Haiiderr
By a vote of 3 to 0.......... firetruck421, You are evicted from the Big Brother house!

HOH: carlisle

Nominees: haiiderr and SpaceCadet

POV: sportygirl22 (Doesn't use)

Final nominees:  haiiderr and SpaceCadet

Since this is a triple eviction, I will the vote.
. haiiderr, You are evicted from the Big Brother house!

1. Danielle43 (returning)
2 kyledd
3. cjuddy
4. SpaceCadet
5. Carlisle -Outgoing HOH
6. Sportygirl22
7. dsrh68 (returning)

HoH: cjuddy

Nominees: dsrh68 and Danielle43

POV: kyledd (Doesn't use)

Final nominees:  dsrh68 and Danielle43

I will the vote
Danielle43, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house!

Eviction order:
14th. haiiderr
13th. Missalice3
12th.  LindseyPirtle
11th. Aidanmac22
10th. Lavaworks
JURY (Haiiderr returns)
9th. #Levonini
8th. Firetruck421
7th. haiiderr
6th. Danielle43


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