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  1. Posting porn to get banned
  2. People trip me out
  3. A new Big Brother group game is coming your..
  4. Matts Big Brother 2-APPS OPEN!
  5. Super proud of myself!
  6. Wish me luck tomorrow!
  7. Remember when....
  8. I'll give a donation
  9. Happy Birthday, MawMaw.
  10. Matt's Big Brother 2 APPS OPEN!
  13. I really wanna play a BB game.
  14. Please do NOT comment on this
  15. Is she permed?
  16. Am I the only one
  17. baby
  18. I really dont wanna go to school tomorrow
  19. Would I get banned if I
  21. Matt's Big Brother 2
  22. Mariah Carey and TLC
  23. Give me a top blog
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  25. Say what you want
  26. Time to move on...
  27. FINALLY got an IPhone 5
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  33. Hey Mr. DJ
  34. Katy Perry and Mariah
  35. QUEEN AND LEGEND <3333333
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  37. Why did Mariah Carey
  38. God, she is perfection
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  40. Porn is bannable

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Posting porn to get banned Apr 20, 2014
Sorry, this website just seems very dry now. I had some great times here. Love EVERYONE on my friends list!!!
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People trip me out Mar 11, 2014
In Fasting!

I posted a blog that was expired about an idea for an upcoming group game and I asked for their opinions on it, and a couple rounds later, I was voted out, after being lied to for no reason lol, and in this guys tribute he says "don't advertise. It's annoying." Lol, too funny.
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A new Big Brother group game is coming your way... Mar 9, 2014
And it's being done like NEVER before!

Hosted by very experience and professional hosts: MattsBBUpdates Brookie0126, and Sethhhh

It'd start out having 3 separate houses of 12 each. All 3 of us will have our own house, and do that game through. The final 3 in each house earn a spot in the merger house to compete for the gifts, and then polls will be opened to pick 2 more people from each house to go into the merger house as fan favorites.

What do you guys think?

More information is coming in the next few days to weeks about casting

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Matts Big Brother 2-APPS OPEN! Mar 5, 2014
Matts Big Brother is back for a second season- and it's all based on luck.

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Super proud of myself! Feb 12, 2014
I've lost 15 pounds on this diet in two weeks with the Atkins thing
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Wish me luck tomorrow! Jan 26, 2014
Taking my permit test tomorrow.

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