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  1. Muhammad Ali 🥊
  2. I’m at the age where
  3. I keep it juicy juicy
  4. Okay
  5. What happens in a tie on Survivor again?
  6. If you could see it from the front
  7. Today’s date is
  8. I wasn’t expecting
  9. It is so hard to find genuine
  10. Let’s not forget this is
  11. Something happens between Kim/Sandra
  12. 2000’s R&B was lit
  13. Proceed with Caution
  14. Presidents Day
  15. Survivor Nicaragua
  16. Thoughts that changed my mind about
  17. First Episode Recap.
  18. Donald Trump
  19. Kim Spradlin
  20. S40
  21. Okay but the Pussycat Dolls
  22. Imma be honest w y’all
  23. I will go down with this ship
  24. Imagine a Ru Season + Sized Queens
  25. My all time fav queens ranked
  26. Unpopular opinion
  27. No one:
  28. My birthday is tomorrow!
  29. Shakira is a bad bitch! 💃🏼🔥
  30. They are advertising the HELL
  31. Kim Spradlin
  32. There’s a she-wolf in the closet
  33. That’s so sad
  34. Not going to lie
  35. Shakira performing She Wolf tonight 👏🏼
  36. CHIEFS!!!!!! ❤️
  37. Demi Lovato
  38. I love how real Demi Lovato is
  39. These gifs sum up my current life
  40. Fun fact

#5 Underrated Housewives 🏡

Aug 23, 2019 by Matthew09
imageN.J.🥂- Danielle Staub : “You’re either gonna love me or hate me. There is no inbetween with me.”
Danielle’s first few seasons was the Villain among her cast, she was attacked for what reason still to this day I don’t know why. But she made for great T.V. as the victim and villain. Everyone loves an underdog. Her Teresa vs Danielle rivalry was great. Especially the table flip fight. She wasn’t really liked but then left the franchise and returned a few years later to be redeemed.



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