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  1. Vote for TWO songs only!!
  2. Suffering from Depression is no joke
  3. Yo Kobe鈥檚 funeral got me crying 馃槩
  4. 2/24 馃挏馃挍
  5. When he fuck me good
  6. I have the flu 馃樂
  7. When Rob realized Sandra got Amber
  8. I鈥檓 at a point in my life
  9. American Idol is so cringe to watch now
  10. Our ancestors were fish
  11. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders
  12. Ben on Survivor
  13. Muhammad Ali 馃
  14. I鈥檓 at the age where
  15. I keep it juicy juicy
  16. Okay
  17. What happens in a tie on Survivor again?
  18. If you could see it from the front
  19. Today鈥檚 date is
  20. I wasn鈥檛 expecting
  21. It is so hard to find genuine
  22. Let鈥檚 not forget this is
  23. Something happens between Kim/Sandra
  24. 2000鈥檚 R&B was lit
  25. Proceed with Caution
  26. Presidents Day
  27. Survivor Nicaragua
  28. Thoughts that changed my mind about
  29. First Episode Recap.
  30. Donald Trump
  31. Kim Spradlin
  32. S40
  33. Okay but the Pussycat Dolls
  34. Imma be honest w y鈥檃ll
  35. I will go down with this ship
  36. Imagine a Ru Season + Sized Queens
  37. My all time fav queens ranked
  38. Unpopular opinion
  39. No one:
  40. My birthday is tomorrow!

I mean

Aug 18, 2019 by Matthew09
if there isn鈥檛 a more iconic blog pic than this.


i used to love the bops they used to sing in the commercials
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