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  1. Beathin’ > thank u next
  2. If everyone on Tengaged streams Caution tonight
  3. Personally
  4. Natalie can I have your jacket
  7. Happy Caution Day Lambs!!!
  8. No matter what placement Angelina Keely
  9. We Stan Dan for this episode
  10. Survivor thoughts
  11. Allison is such a bitch to Angelina
  12. Most people are afraid of dying
  13. Going hunting
  14. Worst big brother season is 19
  15. Me being SUPER extra
  16. I’m going hunting in the woods
  17. LOUD or R-Rated
  18. Just wanna know
  19. #TeamLatrice
  20. I ate Paula Deens resturant tonight
  21. me
  22. What Millenials consider a good duet:
  23. Millenials are so annoying.
  24. Madonna is the best-selling female recording..
  25. Worst week in bb history
  26. Give me something good to watch.
  27. I miss the survivor
  28. If Cardi has some black in her
  29. Aretha Franklin throwback shade
  30. I am jasmine masters and I have something to say
  31. Nina Bo’Nina Brown > Season 9
  32. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
  33. #TeamLatrice
  34. 1970: By 2020 we’ll have flying cars
  35. I’m sorry I have to keep it 100
  36. Dating a tennis player is risky
  37. I Love Money 3 *TEA*
  39. I’m sorry but the editing sucks this season
  40. That tribal council was weird

I heard a spoiler on AS4

Jun 22, 2018 by Matthew09
#rpdr that Latrice Royale might be coming back for redemption from AS1, if this is the case I will restore my whole interest in the show and what it’s become today

PLEASE BRING BACK LARGE AND IN CHARGE, apparently they asked her to be on AS3 and she declined but feels it’s her time now


I dont watch but love Latrice Royale a true legend
Sent by peace123,Jun 22, 2018
Manilla too apparently, I think because we all know they should have gone further on AS1
Sent by dandoe,Jun 22, 2018
Yesssss that is the TEA I still remember Latrices face and how upset she was bcuz Ru played them out smfh dandoe
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 22, 2018

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