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  1. Lauren Jauregui > Fifth Harmony > Camila
  2. NEW BBUK Rankings
  3. Lewis F > Lewis G
  4. Japan is such a iconic country
  5. Amy winehouse > Adele > Beyoncé
  6. Continents Rankings
  7. I’m sorry I’m all for BBUK
  8. How bout you
  9. Lewis F is growing on me
  10. What if Kaycee shocked us all
  12. Anamelia going home first arghhhh
  13. My (early) BBUK Rankings
  14. This season is so good already
  15. Bay, Rockstar, Angela
  16. Me when I see
  18. I’m fucking sick of Lewis G
  19. How sweet would it be
  20. JC after winning
  21. Jackie Stallone
  22. Julie Chen
  23. Wouldn't it be something
  24. This has to be one of the worst competitive
  25. My name is no
  26. No spoilers please
  27. Remember when Caroline called Adam
  28. Can we just talk about
  29. If there is a BB21
  30. If Kaycee were smart
  31. Gay folks making fun of people’s weight
  32. This shirt is for you Rockstar
  33. Can Sam save this season
  34. God is a woman
  35. me coming home and no1 has food
  36. I hope Level 6
  37. How bout you
  38. + For Cardi
  39. This is so 80s
  40. + For Cardi


Jun 22, 2018 by Matthew09
Okay at first I wasn’t liking how they doing the f4 lip sync battles (cuz obvi Aquaria would win based on season results) but they better watch it Eureka is a PERFORMER diva, :) honestly I think she could beat them all. #rpdr

But then again Kameron is really good at lip syncs and Asia I could see being a dancer. But I think Eureka has all of that combined. Aquaria idk I see her more of a look.


Asia doesn’t win
Sent by Macda27,Jun 22, 2018

Aquaria's making it to the second round, you can believe that one, sir.
Sent by ninjohn,Jun 22, 2018
Prob if she’s against Asia ninjohn
I feel like Kameron and Eureka SLAT lip syncs more
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 22, 2018
hopefully eureka loses
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jun 22, 2018

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