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  1. Watched Survivor One World highlights
  2. Damn
  3. Brenda Lowe
  4. Milk: Is she gonna jump from there?
  5. Survivor Ghost Island
  6. It sucks
  7. Cardi b will win album of the year
  8. This is TOO iconic
  10. Gabby
  11. Who voted Gabby?
  12. I love Mariah.
  13. What my taki taki wants
  14. Sandra for the first time 94 days of survivor
  15. *Alison throwing up on the beach, dying*
  16. We needed Ariana
  17. No one will ever sing "Over the rainbow"
  18. Does anyone know what's going on
  19. Who else loved Ari & Big Sean
  20. Could u imagine Gabby winning this season
  21. I really need a xanax right now
  22. Let me get this straight
  23. There’s something I don’t like about Allison
  24. ASK
  25. Bernie Sanders > Donald Trump
  26. me trying to make a ham on thanksgiving
  27. Proceed with caution
  28. I was thinking
  29. Dwight Howard can get it
  30. My Top 5
  31. Adele said
  32. Mariah 18 number 1 single hits around age 30
  33. Proceed with Caution
  34. Is it just me
  35. No1 can hate on Ashely
  36. I had high hopes for Cara/Marie
  37. Migos > Taylor Swift
  38. Idc what happens on AS4
  39. Thorgy Thor is underrated
  40. If Latrice Royale

This is prob gonna get negged but idc

Jun 19, 2018 by Matthew09
Britney > Beyonce


Sent by RightToCensor,Jun 19, 2018
Sent by RightToCensor,Jun 19, 2018
Lol I've never seen Beyoncé as a singer just as well like Beyoncé
Sent by MrBird,Jun 19, 2018
Tengaged HATES Beyonce so you can go ahead and delete this.. they worship Britney
Sent by Timster,Jun 19, 2018
Beyonce is obvi the better vocalist lmao Britney doesn’t sing, I’m just stating whom I prefer their music when it comes to songs and music made Britney imo has more bops
RightToCensor Timster
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 19, 2018

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