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  1. I really hope Winston goes over Brett
  2. Let’s just take a moment of silence
  3. Rockstar is me
  5. Congrats Mexico
  6. Winston is so dry ugh
  7. I hate when people get in their feelings
  8. Been gambling for the past 48 hours straight
  9. I think this is fact
  10. Okay but Scottie better come thru
  11. Serena was slow on her feet today
  12. I think Angela is more of a threat
  13. Scottie woke ASF 👀
  15. I need someone from Foutte
  16. Im sorry but Kaitlyn
  17. Adele said that Mariah should be in the Bible
  18. Melissa looked dumb in that fight
  19. Don’t ever pick up fast food in the ghetto
  20. Ewww the challenge
  21. Da'Vonne:
  22. First of all
  23. I kinda hate when people
  24. Kaitlyn ruined bb20
  25. “You guys are just jealous
  26. Okay but dela & aja did this
  27. QUEEN Angela is playing the best
  28. Y’all saying Swaggy is a good move
  29. Kaitlyn wins a luck comp
  30. I can't say im surprised Swaggy is up
  31. There's just something I love about BBUK
  32. Hope for Swaggy??
  33. What was that gay guy on BBUK
  34. Can someone tell me what Tyler’s gonna do
  35. Hsieh Su-Wei beats Halep!!
  36. Wow
  37. Winner of BB20
  38. This season is going crazy good
  39. Once upon a time I was falling in love ❤️
  40. Mood

I’m not getting the Vanuatu hype

Jun 1, 2018 by Matthew09
So far it’s been OKAY, I think the women’s tribe was messy asf and there has been drama.
Does it pick up at final ten merge? Cause that’s where I’m at
I liked Lisa and she got voted out
And no I do not like Ami at this point
I’ll root for Twila and Scout. Oh and Rory!
Eliza is underrated too #survivor


vanuatu is one of my faves
Sent by Darbe,Jun 1, 2018
Lisa was ICONIC
And id tell u if it picks up or not but I’ll just let you find out
Sent by temponeptune,Jun 1, 2018
Also Eliza isn’t underrated considering she was brought back and is super popular
Sent by temponeptune,Jun 1, 2018
Oh ok well I didn’t know she was brought back but she’s really smart I mean I don’t LOVE her just respect the game she’s played she kinda messy tho that’s not good temponeptune but then again it’s her first time playing so I’ll give her a pass
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 1, 2018
Did you know the winner/boot order going into it? Cuz that really does take away from the overall story honestly
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Jun 1, 2018
No plz don’t spoil lol VeryMaryKate I don’t know any of these ppl or boot orders or even winner
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 1, 2018
I love vanuatu post swap, the pre swap is meh but I love really everything from Episode 6 onwards. Twila has probs my fav arc in survivor, and the cast really shines during the merge imo.
Sent by DBWs,Jun 1, 2018

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