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  1. Plus for Serena Williams 🎾
  2. I told y’all I’m trap Selena
  3. I heard a spoiler on AS4
  4. It is so sad that DOPEova
  5. I could watch Serena Williams highlights
  7. MEXICO 🇲🇽
  8. Me
  9. Man it’s really difficult
  10. Lady Gaga or Britney Spears?
  11. This is prob gonna get negged but idc
  12. Y’all talk about abuse
  13. Everyone attacking me
  14. Don’t let the bbcast distract you from
  15. Is this really a diverse cast or naw
  16. How iconic
  17. Hold up
  18. Okay Ariana’s “no tears left to cry”
  19. Thoughts on final episode (rpdr)
  20. Katy Perry’s Firework
  21. if you think about it
  22. Leaked BBUS Returnees
  23. In honor of Pride month
  24. That Halloween movie looks GOOD
  25. "I still don't know her"
  26. JLO going hard this summer🔥
  27. This is the first time
  28. I'm on a roll, finished Vanuatu, Palau
  29. Another day in ameriKKKa
  30. Halfway thru Palau!
  31. Serena is so petty LOL
  32. Favorite/Least Favorite Grand Slam 🎾
  33. Only way Sharapova could ever beat
  34. Wow just finished Vanuatu
  35. Wow, prayers for Guatemala
  36. How to shut down a homophobe religious Christian
  37. I’m not getting the Vanuatu hype
  38. Maria Sharapova is the Taylor Swift
  39. Golden State Warriors are a joke
  40. Haley Reinhart

I really respect

May 18, 2018 by Matthew09
the fight how Jenna went out, trying to lie to Don. We need more players like her, do you know how huge that would have been had it been pulled off. Just think about how much of a queen y’all would be calling her! #survivor


100% agreed
Sent by screamfan0061,May 18, 2018
and If Donathan was Str8 it probably would of
Sent by onemanarmy,May 18, 2018

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