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  1. Fuck a......
  2. I hope Scarlet actually has a voice this time
  3. Edge of Extinction
  4. I’m sorry but Kim K
  5. ISFJ personality
  6. Me and Selena Gomez
  7. You can shit talk Silky
  8. Old Town Road is a BOP
  9. Soju coming for Silky
  10. GSW vs BUCKS
  11. Julie getting zero votes is tragic
  12. I think the best vocalist of this generation
  13. Imagine a back to survivor basics season
  15. I’m going for Lauren or Julie to win
  16. Lil Kim > Cardi B
  17. This Game 5 is intense
  18. New RDPR Rankings
  19. Anamelia being evicted first
  20. sweetener > thank u next
  21. Yvie vs Akeria or Vanjie
  22. Spoiler alert
  23. Did anyone else think
  24. Ugh Nany going home
  25. Favorite this season of RPDR?
  26. #freebritney
  27. I love you Nany
  28. The Challenge: War Of Worlds
  29. RPDR All Stars 4 was more of a mess than 1
  30. That was some b.s.
  31. This boot list
  32. RPDR Season 11 Rankings
  33. Last nights lip sync
  34. Bear is so The Joker (batman)
  35. I just watched Leaving Neverland
  36. Amy Winehouse > Lady Gaga
  37. Did you know
  38. As of tomorrow
  39. Devastated Survivor
  40. *Current RPDR Season 11 RANKINGS*

Tammie Brown is such an icon

May 5, 2018 by Matthew09
She sells her make-up facial wipes after her face print is on it to auction
Your faves could never, excuse your mouth? #rpdr


dont forget she walks with children in nature
Sent by spinfur,May 5, 2018
Sent by hellomynameis347,May 5, 2018

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