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  1. I loved Thorgy's keeping it real ass
  2. Let's talk about this messy finale
  3. Bradley is soooo cringe
  4. This world is sick
  5. Top 4 RPDR Queens of all time
  7. Okay idk what it was
  8. Do you like early tribe swaps?
  9. The true jush
  10. The challenge producers
  11. My thoughts on the “bullying”
  12. Me walking into work on a Monday
  13. wut a robbed icon
  14. when u go out late
  15. I've played this over 10 times rn
  16. Bananas said on social media
  17. Okay look I like Ben Dela
  18. One of my lifetime achievements
  19. i know i may be young
  20. Yonce
  21. Ru your decision of picks
  22. I am Jasmine Masters
  24. I was ready for Gonzalez
  25. My survivor style of game
  26. Just finished episode 1
  27. I freakin love Marie
  28. Hey my loves
  29. Ru favors Bebe so hard
  30. Most to Least deserving winners
  31. I'm still fan girling
  32. I’m fucking shook
  33. Kalore sucks so bad
  34. I'm honestly scared for Omarosas life
  35. James: I was in the biggest boy band in America
  36. Omarosa to Ariadna
  37. I bet Brandi
  38. I am shook SHOOK
  39. Better mood after reading this on Jokers
  40. S H O O K

when u go out late

Mar 6, 2018 by Matthew09
get to the bar and all your friends are already all trashed #rpdr

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