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  1. No1 can hate on Ashely
  2. I had high hopes for Cara/Marie
  3. Let’s just take a moment
  4. Migos > Taylor Swift
  5. Idc what happens on AS4
  6. Thorgy Thor is underrated
  7. If Latrice Royale
  8. Beathin’ > thank u next
  9. If everyone on Tengaged streams Caution tonight
  10. Personally
  11. Natalie can I have your jacket
  14. Happy Caution Day Lambs!!!
  15. No matter what placement Angelina Keely
  16. We Stan Dan for this episode
  17. Survivor thoughts
  18. Allison is such a bitch to Angelina
  19. Most people are afraid of dying
  20. Going hunting
  21. Worst big brother season is 19
  22. Me being SUPER extra
  23. I’m going hunting in the woods
  24. LOUD or R-Rated
  25. Just wanna know
  26. #TeamLatrice
  27. I ate Paula Deens resturant tonight
  28. me
  29. What Millenials consider a good duet:
  30. Millenials are so annoying.
  31. Madonna is the best-selling female recording..
  32. Worst week in bb history
  33. Give me something good to watch.
  34. I miss the survivor
  35. If Cardi has some black in her
  36. Aretha Franklin throwback shade
  37. I am jasmine masters and I have something to say
  38. Nina Bo’Nina Brown > Season 9
  39. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
  40. #TeamLatrice

I’m really happy a drag queen won

Feb 4, 2018 by Matthew09
#cbbuk I think it was time we educated those ignorant closed minded bigots who judge drag queens or gays, Courtney really represented herself extermely well on the show. She kept great composure and never lost her cool, while still sharing her views in a conducted manner.

I mean she even shared she was an atheist, that’s pretty impressive to still win! She really changed a lot of people’s views on a lot of things.


Sent by Brxan,Feb 4, 2018
Yeah she had ALOT going against her but went against all odds. Its kinda scary Ann had a 40% vote but reassuring that 50% of the public are downright supporters.

Courtney wasn't a household name in the UK either
Sent by Anas,Feb 5, 2018
Yes I couldn't believe it, I thought Ann had it in the bag since she's from over there ya know Anas
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 5, 2018

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