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  1. Bianca Del Rio & Stormy
  3. PYN
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  5. How tf yall want Kaycee to win bb20
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  7. Jasmine Masters should have been on CBBUK
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  13. Practice abstinence
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  15. My stance
  16. Okay
  17. What happen to Stormy Daniels and CBBUK
  18. We don't deserve BB10
  19. You would think after an HOH Angela
  20. I think Scottie/Haleigh
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  22. current bop
  23. Looking at the bootlist
  24. “Why yo dress got a collar”
  26. She said whatchu gon do if I leave?
  27. If you’re not watching the tv
  28. I feel like Rockstar
  29. Charm School
  30. Just give me a season with
  31. Faves so far on CBBUK
  32. Rockstar left like a BOSS ASS BITCH
  33. Rockstar left
  34. A legend being evicted tonight
  35. NATALIE RUNS THE UK!!!!!!!!!
  36. Omg the car and carpet entrance
  37. Ranking people left on big brother
  38. Sam pisses me off
  39. Ugh Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin
  40. Y’all wanna act like Rockstar is the worst

I need Gary Busey to return

Feb 2, 2018 by Matthew09
to a celebrity big brother all stars please asap #cbbuk
a true big brother uk legend GOAT and first american winner of the series ever :D
I fuckin love gary


He deserved that win
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 2, 2018
He played them like a fiddle, genius WannaBeeFriends
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 2, 2018
His housemates were so fuckin vile besides Audrey
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 2, 2018
They actually were, it's sad that no1 cared he was in a motorcycle accident that impaired him
And they actually made fun of his disability WannaBeeFriends
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 2, 2018
His entrance is gold!
Sent by dandoe,Feb 2, 2018

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