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All Stars 3 can we boycott it

Feb 2, 2018 by Matthew09
As much as I love Ru, it is clear who he wants to go home early, make the end and win. It was clear after tonight’s episode and watching all stars 2 & 3. Latrice/Manila shouldn’t of been eliminated on season 1 even Latrice called mama ru on that bullshit. And we know season 2 rigged for Rolaskatox. Now it’s clear mama ru loves Ben and favors some others this season.

I call bullshit. Yes they know what they are singing up for, but it would be much more fun to actually watch a fair cutthroat competition. Like bad girls club all star battle or the challenge. Let them drag queens drag it out. #RPDR


At the end of the day though this whole thing is opinionated who they think does good or not so they can’t really have them fight it out
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Feb 2, 2018
No it's actually laid out b4 they even enter the competition like who has the biggest fan base following (alaska, shangela) so that mama ru will get them rating/views for the show. So like the most popular will always win over a not as popular queen.

NOT cause they are much more talented, but bcuz they are more popular for the show. bigdizzleyomama
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 2, 2018
DeLa deserved her spot in the top two imo
Sent by ninjohn,Feb 2, 2018

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