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  1. Omarosa to Ariadna
  2. I bet Brandi
  3. I am shook SHOOK
  4. Better mood after reading this on Jokers
  5. S H O O K
  6. I’m shook
  7. Body like wow
  8. LMAO Brandi is so drunk on feeds
  9. Kam how
  10. The longer Omarosa stays in
  11. I’m over these quitters
  12. Omarosa is such a queen
  13. I love Fergie
  14. Season 2
  15. Pussy put his ass to sleep
  16. Marissa is disgusting...
  17. Thoughts on Shannon
  18. I love Jess & Cody
  19. RPDR F6 Rankings
  20. Happy Valentine's Lambs! xo
  21. Omarosa spinning around a couple times
  22. I'm not saying it was fake
  23. People saying Omarosa
  25. I’m sorry but I agree w Omarosa
  26. This season had potential
  27. Just watched new bb ep.
  28. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
  29. Omarosa is not scared of no one
  30. I just wanna speak on Omarosa
  31. Blessed to making it to another Birthday!
  32. Brandi Glanville is so iconic
  33. Why y’all complaining
  34. Hoe Code for CBBUS2018
  35. Ugh I hope Ross Mathews goes far
  36. Can we just have
  37. c c c cold hearted
  38. Lol omg I’m rewatching
  40. The world stops

Ok well y’all can disagree but Milks Celine

Feb 2, 2018 by Matthew09
Was dry and that black wig for Celine? Choices.
I think Milk should have been in the bottom.
Thorgy was robbed once again sure she got in her head but you can’t tell me how bad she wanted to play the fuck out of all stars.
#JusticeForMorgan #JusticeForThorgy they are Alyssa and Tati this season bcuz Chi Chi shouldn’t be there and Milk is expired. #rpdr

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