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  1. I’m fucking shook
  2. Kalore sucks so bad
  3. I'm honestly scared for Omarosas life
  4. James: I was in the biggest boy band in America
  5. Omarosa to Ariadna
  6. I bet Brandi
  7. I am shook SHOOK
  8. Better mood after reading this on Jokers
  9. S H O O K
  10. I’m shook
  11. Body like wow
  12. LMAO Brandi is so drunk on feeds
  13. Kam how
  14. The longer Omarosa stays in
  15. I’m over these quitters
  16. Omarosa is such a queen
  17. I love Fergie
  18. Season 2
  19. Pussy put his ass to sleep
  20. Marissa is disgusting...
  21. Thoughts on Shannon
  22. I love Jess & Cody
  23. RPDR F6 Rankings
  24. Happy Valentine's Lambs! xo
  25. Omarosa spinning around a couple times
  26. I'm not saying it was fake
  27. People saying Omarosa
  29. I’m sorry but I agree w Omarosa
  30. This season had potential
  31. Just watched new bb ep.
  32. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
  33. Omarosa is not scared of no one
  34. I just wanna speak on Omarosa
  35. Blessed to making it to another Birthday!
  36. Brandi Glanville is so iconic
  37. Why y’all complaining
  38. Hoe Code for CBBUS2018
  39. Ugh I hope Ross Mathews goes far
  40. Can we just have

I'm really liking Melissa

3rdFeb 1, 2018 by Matthew09
on #thechallenge we've been needing a blonde bombshell manipulative challenge queen, too many brunettes and im so proud of her to standing up to Kam and she literally put Kam & Jeymee in their places at once. QUEEN

Kam you are a hot ass mess and hater, and Kailia I'm very disappointed in you looking like a punk just cause Kam is stronger than you, you chose to side w her bcuz you're probably intimidated and had no reason to side against Melissa. SMH.

edit: i just saw her get eliminated, she should have won :( robbed & gone too soon


IKR same, she will forever be iconic for these lines during her fight with Kam:

"If you don't get loud and sassy with ME, I won't get loud and sassy with YOU."
"You may be bigger than me, fatter than me, whatever, you ain't stronger than me bitch."
"Tell me what you want to tell me."

UGH I wish she won, I hope she comes back on a season with Jenna and works with her <3
Sent by Etienne,Feb 1, 2018
I like her, but her Twitter beef is becoming too much. Trying to come at the queen (Kailah) about cheating on her boyfriend when every cast member have disproven this.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Feb 1, 2018
I don't blame her, they all ganged up on her in the house. So fuck them Jkjkjk15 I'd get petty too
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 1, 2018
Matthew09 Attempting to ruin a relationship when you cheated on your own boyfriend isn’t respectable in my eyes. I do hope she returns, but she needs to calm down.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Feb 1, 2018
Tit for tat Jkjkjk15
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 1, 2018

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