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  1. Shane is just cringe to watch now
  2. Strike a pose
  3. If there is ever an All Stars 2
  4. Kirstie Alley
  5. Natalie Nunn arrived in UK
  6. Y’all gonna be wanting
  7. Just checking in
  8. It is true
  10. Favorites from each season I started on TV
  11. BB11
  12. Tbh
  13. Rockstar leaving on Haleigh’s HOH
  14. When this season started
  15. So they are all evicting Rockstar
  16. Honestly
  17. Julie if Angela & Kaycee make final 2
  18. Haleigh you got this!
  19. I wanted to like Kaycee in the beginning
  20. I swear Foutee can never get it straight smh
  21. Sasha Velour
  22. Mom Rockstar
  23. Fun Fact:
  24. Sam Smith saying recently
  25. Rapping about boobies & booties
  26. Best final noms
  27. Why y’all bitching about Tyler going
  28. Haleigh winning HOH is like Janelle
  29. I just think Level 6 & Foutee
  30. I’m telling y’all
  31. Ikea
  32. Y’all sleep on Rockstar
  34. I do not condone violence
  35. Tyler is trash
  36. Angela is ikea furniture
  37. Tyler needs to fucking go next week
  38. Do you wanna see me naked lover
  39. I feel like Brits have way more
  40. Have you ever seen a crowd goin apeshit

I’m so happy Ashley is nominated

Jan 30, 2018 by Matthew09
And I actually hope she goes more than Ann & Amanda
At first I bought into her but she wants to win badly you can tell
And she’s just coming off as fake now to me idk why



It’s a triple
Sent by Cornelia,Jan 30, 2018
She backstabbed Shane too and is sucking up to Ann who doesn't even like her. I'm over her!
Sent by Anas,Jan 30, 2018
:( I love her. I'm so sad she's going home tonight. At least she will back Ann on BOTS!!
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 30, 2018

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