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Courtney Act is too nice

Jan 29, 2018 by Matthew09
Now I support Courtney but I wish the producers picked a more confrontational drag queen. Amanda literally came at him last night in the bathroom and he was being TOO nice not really defending himself or the LGBT rights.

Courtney it's okay to get out of character for a moment to put someone in their place. :( Now look that is the way Courtney handles confrontation by discussion and I like that he's very mature, but there's nothing more that pisses me off then watching Amanda thinking she could talk to Courtney like that and get away with it on T.V. so aggravating. Literally wish someone would stick up for him, Malika where the fuck are you! #cbbuk


Tbf I can see your point, however I can also see the stans of other housemates saying, "Shane is bullying an elderly woman, what a vile person he is, get him out!"

Although they find something to moan about either way so he probably should have just went in xD
Sent by dandoe,Jan 29, 2018
How is he bullying Ann? He's never came to Ann and every time Ann has been WRONG at coming for Shane J, he's literally been the cordial of the two, not rolling his eyes like Ann (that could be considered bullying btw) when he's speaking and shes just blowing his opinions off but not everyone elses. Why Shane J out of everyone? Bcuz he is a gay drag queen?

This woman has got away with too much in that house and I blame the other houseguests. dandoe I was a huge Ashley fan and now seeing how far she is up Anns ass, I'm done w her.
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 29, 2018
Matthew09 Noooo I'm saying if he stood up for himself against Amanda, the public would dub him a bully and use her age as a defence (and gender too probably), I'm clearly team Courtney xD
Sent by dandoe,Jan 29, 2018
Ohhh okay, Idk I think some might have applauded him for defending himself a bit harder dandoe
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 29, 2018
Malika only talks behind people's back.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 29, 2018
Him and Malika need to align, Ashley and Jess are so complicit it's disgusting. They probably have gay friends and Ashley praising a Homohphobes for her conviction is like praising a racist for being so sure they hate black people
Sent by Anas,Jan 29, 2018

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