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  1. Alex play thank you, next
  2. Been thru some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch
  3. This is gross.
  4. That football looks a little low in air
  6. Ann Coulter > Tomi Lahren
  7. The NFL has been so boring
  8. I don’t know
  9. The Saints lost?
  10. You like my hair?
  11. Cmon Sharapova
  12. Gia was robbed
  13. Okay but can we talk about
  14. Rupaul runway looks this week
  15. No shade to Ru
  16. Adele > Beyoncé
  17. Ariana run
  18. Lemonade > Any Beyoncé album ever created
  20. Everyone hating on 7 rings
  21. He's the reason
  22. I hope Venus can upset Halep
  23. Kyrie Irving
  24. You don't know troll comments
  25. I’m SHOOK!
  26. You can stand under my umbrella
  27. Morgan
  28. Might be moving to Alaska!
  29. Just take one step at a time
  30. Tamar
  31. Australian Open 2019 starts today
  32. If I had a female crush on this site
  33. There is like nothing to do
  34. Rip Cowboys :3
  35. I can’t watch this game!
  36. For those of you who don’t know me
  37. Meghan Trainor is the real queen of pop
  39. I love how racist the sport of tennis
  40. Manila Luzon

It’s nice to see Caroline win, finally!

Jan 27, 2018 by Matthew09
She seems so sweet, well duh she’s from the happiest country in the world (Denmark) I’ve never been a fan of her style of play since it’s defensive but it does pay off and she showed that today. Although I used to root for her back then when she were num 1 all those weeks but couldn’t get a GS, I still rooted for her but i finally gave up LOL

And I know Serena is happy if anyone couldn’t win other than her or V, it’s be Carole bcuz they are good friends, happy w these results since Venus’ first round loss.


Simona was robbed
Sent by LiukBB,Jan 27, 2018

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