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I just wanna know why Bebe didn’t win

Jan 27, 2018 by Matthew09
Over Aja, like Bebe was way more creative. Aja well any drag could do splits on stage
Bebe TURNED it #rpdr


I actually thought that Kennedy/'bebe should have been in the top over thorgy and either shangela/aja
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jan 27, 2018
GrrrImABear AGREE I don’t even like Kennedy but she fuckin did a flip into a split on that damn set up! Yas , the shows so biased like
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 27, 2018
Matthew09 yeah not a big kennedy fan myself either but that was impressive

to me, even moreso considering her age on the other queens. like she's only 36 but that's still a big difference when it comes to stuff like that
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jan 27, 2018
But could they do a deathdrop jumpin from a box?

Also Kennedy's was great but her flip into split was done before
Sent by Magik,Jan 27, 2018
Magik um no Kennedy did a fuckin running split ONTO the box
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 27, 2018
matthew09 Aja's was way more impressive than Kennedys
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 27, 2018
Matthew09 I loved the look Chi Chi and Kennedy gave one another after Aja performed like "oh shit, we were meant to be the big performers this season" I love all 3, Kennedy and Chi Chi are my fav lip syncers but Aja done brought it, and I think it was more so shock value, like we all expected Kennedy and Chi Chi to slay this but did their usual routine but I don't think anyone expected Aja to kill it like she did, I think they were all great but the shock value of Aja's is what made her top 2 I think :P
Sent by dandoe,Jan 27, 2018

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