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Ann is being left off too easily

Jan 26, 2018 by Matthew09
I don't think it's her age that the housemates are stopping themselves from telling her stuff, I think it's because of her Politician status. I mean Angie on New Yorks season was elder and so was Gary Busey and the got yelled, told off & cursed @ by housemates. They are all kissing Ann鈥檚 ass and let鈥檚 face it they are afraid of her.

I honestly want to like Ann but I'm getting sick of this old morally woman, we're supposed to respect her "old views" but bow down to her when she tells us how it's wrong to watch two men wresting on the ground on t.v. and how Andrews mother would be ashamed. Bye. #cbbuk


Matthew09 I like to keep reminding everyone that Winston from Tiffanys season was outed, booed by the public and Emma on day 4 for saying exactly what Ann has.

BB hasn't intervened at any point with a formal warning, I think that's the problem. The women got scared to nominate her face to face. Ashley and Malika know the game and that they'd look badly for doing what Andrew is
Sent by Anas,Jan 26, 2018

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