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Kennedy. Milk. Aja

Jan 26, 2018 by Matthew09
Are all fillers this season. Shoulda been Valentina from Ajas season and two others from maybe season 5 or 4. (IMO) #RPDR


I don’t think Kennedy and Aja are filler. Milk on the other hand yikes ...
Sent by Mexus,Jan 26, 2018
Totally agree
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Jan 26, 2018
Mexus Valentina could have won her first season she just failed a lip sync, Aja on the other hand had a lot to learn about herself. Val should have been brought back over her.

And Kennedy didn’t make that big of an impact imo on her season. Like Jasmine was more controversial. Honestly Katya and Trixie should only return from that horrible season.

And Milk well we all know what everyone thinks about Milk *sips*
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 26, 2018
matthew09 someone told me that val didn’t want to come back and same with like 4 others that should been on this all stars.
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Jan 26, 2018
wwemrpeeps yeah she didn’t want too, just saying
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 26, 2018
matthew09 I Stan Valentina don’t get me wrong. I think she said she wasn’t ready to return though is they asked Aja
Sent by Mexus,Jan 26, 2018
They should have saved some cast members (Shangela, Kennedy, Chi Chi, Dela) for a real all star season and made this a redemption season
Sent by brenelle1120,Jan 26, 2018
valentina is overrated sorry. aja >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 26, 2018
Aja proved she isn't filler the first week. Meanwhile, Kennedy literally had one of the biggest storylines of S7 and while she isn't nessecarily loud, is certainly a holder of C.U.N.T so those two arent filler~
Sent by ninjohn,Jan 27, 2018

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