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CBBUK srsly?

Jan 3, 2018 by Matthew09
You claim this is an all female cast, but throw some men in there?
If you have a concept why half ass it? SMH #cbbuk


This isn't even an original concept as BB India did it 5-6 years ago. They had 1 man and 15 girls and it was their lowest ranking season, so they were forced to add men in. The production of BB probably noted this and tried fixing it this time.
Sent by Anas,Jan 3, 2018
Anas They could have been original and just done all women. Not even adding one man. I was looking forward to something different, even if it weren't high in rantings. Disappointed now. I'm sure they will add like 3 or 4 men. So it's just a normal season to me IMO.
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 3, 2018
All the series never last long with their original theme... it's just how it goes. The normal theme normally lasts like a week and then it's off to something else.

That's just how it goes
Sent by EM002,Jan 3, 2018
Matthew09 I know I really think with the right cast they could've pulled it off but it's obvious why they're adding men for 2 reasons:

- Their fan base is predominantly women and younger girls - p.s most of these voters seem to be self hating women who were justifying Lotan last season, and made Bear win despite cheating on live TV - the chances of them voting for another woman is slim

- They want showmances and actually want cat fights over the guy which undermines what they're trying to do.

But maybe the men will all leave soon and it'll be fine lmao
Sent by Anas,Jan 3, 2018
Agreed 100%! Anas just very disappointed, doubt the men will leave though.
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 3, 2018

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