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  1. Big Brother: Hello Tomasz
  2. I want a friendship/alliance irl
  3. Tomasz deserves to win this season
  4. How amazing would it be
  5. You know you’re an alcoholic
  6. My new BBUK rankings
  7. "You talk that brotha sister love stuff
  8. Cameron, Lewis & Zoey annoyed me
  9. Natalie Cole
  10. I don't think my parents knew I was gay
  11. "Ever since that Bone Thugs song"
  12. Natalie
  13. Lol I’m just imagining Chanelle
  14. In case you’re not woke enough
  15. This generation
  16. BBUK
  17. Cardi B is so damn cute
  18. 15 more minutes
  19. My thoughts on BBUK
  20. You know Tengaged boring asf
  21. Ranking countries
  22. Mexico’s new President has some balls
  23. You know I’ve realized
  24. Win or lose
  25. Ethnicity icons
  26. This will always be the funniest RPDR fight
  27. Me to my bills
  28. Cameron or Zoey
  29. Why was everyone crying
  30. Isaac to go!
  31. You.Shut.The.Fuck.Up -Da’Vonne
  32. 10.4.2018 #WithYou
  33. The shit people do for views online
  34. Ranking Tribes
  35. Kenaley being the veto queen
  36. Why I stan Gabby
  37. Gabby saved this episode
  38. Winner & Runner up of RPDR 11
  39. Isn’t it kinda unfair
  40. Fun fact: I’ve never watched Mean Girls

im just gonna say it now

Jan 3, 2018 by Matthew09
vendetta #thechallenge does not look as good as the last two seasons of the challenge at all
just my opinion the same feuds and beefs of the last few seasons we already saw so boring


It's because themes fucking suck & they don't work, ever.

All these shows need to quit w/ that shit. Just cast & make up a format.
They also cast the same 15 heads literally every season which makes it shittier
Sent by Skyler_TW,Jan 3, 2018
invasion was horrid
Sent by AlanDuncan,Jan 3, 2018
AlanDuncan girl where? No it wasn’t. They hadn’t had a concept like that where they stayed in a shelter and had to FIGHT into the mansion. It was lit
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 3, 2018

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