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1stDec 26, 2015 by MastaManipulator_11
imageShort Version : First Stars in over a year and this is my THIRD final 3... Everytime I get into final 3, I always get 3rd because i'm not popular... but i'm asking you guys to change that and give me a chance to take home the win for once. Third times the charm? =S I was only nommed once unlike my opponents who were nommed countless times.

Longer Version
Okay, Tengaged I know I make a lot of joking blogs but this one is going to be on a serious note ! I just want to firstly say thank you all for saving me when I was nommed for 8th. I appreicate it so much. I also want to say that... I've played my heart and soul out in this game... This is my first stars in over a year and I came back and automatically had a target on my back because people knew my reputation as a good game player.

Out of the nominees, I'm the ONLY one that was nominated only once and I controlled most of the noms, despite having a huge target on my back  !

Please click my button and give me this chance to finally win

Goodluck CHIBI < 3

People who've played stars Edit Post
Dec 27, 2015 by MastaManipulator_11
With me before, KNOW i'm good at stars and I was on opposite sides of all of them.
Will GAMEPLAY finally be REWARDED or will it be OVERLOOKED for the THIRD time?

black0ut247 gunna give it to masta because hes one of the few players in stars ive seen mentally best me.

Allyxox chibideidara i'm not coming for you, Masta lived up to her username, she manipulated tons of people and looked good doing it.

Aquamarine I'm gonna vote for Masta only because I remember playing stars with him ages ago and he was the only strategically competent person in that game other than myself, and I targeted him every damn day til I got him

NexusCain congrats on all 3 but having played AGAINST Masta for years I know how doamn well he plays and have to support that...

MilkIsGood Commenting to boost masta's ego because he likes it when you compliment his gameplay and strategic ability!!! Gl all 3 but I won stars already and so has Seal so I guess maybe it's his turn

superman11 23 hours 2 min ago

we played stars together way back when and you are an amazing stars players tbh! you dominated the game and were robbed against the flavor that we made together. you are a great ally!

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grats on another finals...Just shows our T-gen was amazing lmao
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Sent by Ethan000,Dec 26, 2015
I regret letting my boyfriend vote for you in finals now that I see you using a stars sign from one of th most disgusting users on the site.
But gl
Sent by koolness234,Dec 27, 2015

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