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1stJul 9, 2014 by MastaManipulator_11
image Icing for this pic

I love you it means so much to me < 3

MastaManipulator_11- Where do I begin with you. We have had many ups and downs but after a long discussion i can truely say ilysm. All the memories including... iPaypal 6 Points OUT, LovelyBones, Dream team, Charity crashers, SexGoddx exposed and SOOO many more. ILYSM your probably my favorite person on the site. I wanted to die when you hated me. ILY expect a gift... JumboManipulator_11 (TV Star) -JUM40BUM40

Miguel, Where do I start with you? Wow we have had a long amazing journey, I have known you since I was a white level! Minaj was the first Tengaged alliance that I joined. You are a funny and amazing guy and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. You have helped me when I was down and being on calls with you was truly amazing! I can say this, you truly are my favorite puerto rican on this site LOL jk but I love you and I hope we get to talk a lot more in the future! I hope you come back :( because i'm going to really miss you, this site isn't the same WITHOUTTTTTTTT YOUUUUU! ;)- You're favorite canadian Marcel - LexxuS


oh my god
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< 3
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is this legit?
Sent by CutieCake,Jul 9, 2014
Candace is such a sweetheart.
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< 333
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I remember years thinking was Lucinda LOL
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icing  wow hot
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i miss her, she was so nice..:(
Sent by tyleror,Jul 9, 2014
tyleror I know she was a doll.
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Jul 9, 2014
Why are people laughing?
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