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1stJun 2, 2011 by MastaManipulator_11
imageOmggggggg!!!! HERE I AM! In my very first stars Finals!!!!! Never in a million years would I (or anybody) would have thought I would get here! =D
This game has been one of the craziest stars I have ever played in and I am so excited to be sitting in the final 3! I know I am not the most popular person sitting in final 3 but I honestly feel like I have played the best game.  For anybody who cares I'm going to break down my game play and tell you why I deserve this win.

Starting off on Day 1 I was forced into Minority ... Nobody wanted to work with me and the select few people who would talk to me would just be feeding me lies and telling me what I want to hear. The other side of the game's leader Bbdamian would have them on lock and wouldn't let them tell the other side the noms (in fear that if they did they might get nommed) So whoever was in majority would not speak to anybody who was in minority leaving us clueless on who the noms were gonna be.

The silent treatment continued from Day 1 to Day 2.... To Day 3 when 3 of my closest allies were taking out of the game... I was tired of my nominations not going through and I know that I would be next If I didn't try something. So Myself and a few others convinced 2 people from the other side that it would be better to take out there leader and the leaders closest ally and to flip with us... From that moment myself and that alliance got 2 sets of noms through when we nominated BBdamian and Kentuckyy  and WumbleBee and JesseM

At this point in the game I felt really safe and secure with myself but this was till I found out that I was nominated against Joe Next due to some people splitting the vote. Ever since That ONE nomiantion... I was out for blood.... I am so thankful I survived an eviction as well, I never usually survive... so Thank you so much for letting me survive tengaged, It meant more then you will ever know.

Noms for 10th were Robby and Derrick... I did NOT Nom that way but again people just didn't want to let the power couple take control of the game. I personally wanted them to be in the game because it just meant they would always be a target before me and I knew I could trust them both 100%. After my 2 biggest allies got nominated... We managed to get up the obvious final 2 of Genevere and Johneh .... Then from there Noms kept going my way... when we got Marrek and JesseM nominated...

Next round when Genevere was nominated against Phenom.... I was really upset because Phenom was another great ally in this game... but at the same time it worked out in my favor because I know if it come down to it I would be crushed by him in a poll due to his popularity...

After that nomination... I managed to get Kentuckyy and Runner nominated... Heres what everybody is saying about this pair of noms... Yes I know they were the least popular but they were also the least trustworthy... One was barely online and running to everybody telling them different things and the other was just a hot mess that nobody trusted. So I rather stick with popular trustworthy people then unpopular people who would take me out at like 5th or 4th...

Anywho, Next Noms  was a strictly strategic move... I nominated Genevere with Runner for one reason... Runner (who i couldnt trust) would be out and Genevere would hopefully have enough potential to take out (WHO SHOULD OF BEEN NOMMED FOR 4TH JESSEM)

JesseM volunteered to go up for 4th if he didn't go up for 5th...

So There I was At Final 5... I knew that I couldn't get 4th.... So I nominated the 2 most popular people JesseM and Genevere... Unfortunately my nominations didn't go through for 4th... and derrick ended up getting nominated instead =/

So That was my stars journey. While some people might say that I was playing for 3rd... I was playing for a win. I wasn't going to nominate people who were popular and that I could trust 100% over people who werent popular who I didn't trust AT ALL.

So there you have it Tengaged... I hope I Can get your vote... I know Its not my "birthday".... but I played an amazing game.

I have met some incredible people this game as well
No hard feelings everybody, just a game < 3


I take your friendships outside of the game < 3



My second name is in it.
Sent by TheGoodMan,Jun 2, 2011
sj my initials. soccer i like. and 88 is my favorite number.
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jun 2, 2011
akomes < akoma < ακόμα = still (in greek)
Sent by Akomes,Jun 2, 2011
Becuz i am the god of sex x
Sent by SexGoddx,Jun 2, 2011
i saw a classified ad for Free Bengal Boy Kittens and i thought it sounded funny
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 2, 2011
i had a tab opened for paypal when i made this and dint think  i would rly be here 4 long
Sent by iPaypal,Jun 2, 2011
A bit of my name and surname
Sent by JonoB,Jun 2, 2011
Nickname for my last name, with a bunch of obnoxious extra y's for emphasis.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Jun 2, 2011
Mine is a long story, but oh well...

It was inspired by Yoshi (of Mario fame) and Yoshimitsu (Tekken 3 fame), and I came up with the idea of using Yoshitomi as a name for a character in a story I wrote when I was 13. :P
It is actually a Japanese male name though, I thought I made it up! XD
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jun 2, 2011
brookecwelsh = brooke christine welsh, my name, yea lame lol :)
Sent by brookecwelsh,Jun 2, 2011
Axel Hades -> prince of death :">
Sent by axelhades,Jun 2, 2011
Long story made short:

Usernames for another thing and I was like Goddess.. it's cool... since it's taken.. iGoddess + iSun :D
Sent by iGoddess,Jun 2, 2011
I'm from Washington, DC and I go to the University of Oklahoma

DC + Sooners
Sent by DCSooner,Jun 2, 2011
Mine is simple, it's my birthstone LOL
Sent by bluesapphire,Jun 2, 2011
My nickname is May... and I like "A" and to add it to May and repeat it sounded pretty cool, sooo... that's how I got MayaMaya<3<3
Sent by MayaMaya,Jun 2, 2011
Becuz i am the god of sex x
    Sent by SexGoddx,
Sent by stephlust,Jun 2, 2011
I was 15. I was very geeky end of. and i was a fan of dexters laboraty for some odd reason
Sent by computer3000,Jun 2, 2011
It's my PSN username. My brother chose it for me.
Sent by bombshellben,Jun 2, 2011
first initial, last name. nothing special lol
Sent by amartin,Jun 2, 2011
I got my username simply because I had heard the song Not Afraid by Eminem on the radio.  I absolutely fell in love with the song and a few weeks later I had bought the song off of itunes on my ipod.  During the time I had first came onto Tengaged making my account Not Afraid by Eminem was and still is my #1 song on my IPOD the one I’ve listened to the most.  Now that song also became my inspiration song, it made me believe in myself so much more.  It made me feel that I can do anything, that song made me become the powerful sweet trustworthy person I am today on this site and in real life and that is my story of how I got my username :)
Sent by NotAfraid,Jun 2, 2011
mines is my real name and my email adress;)
Sent by jorge7171,Jun 2, 2011
Aber = where i live
lad = ¬_¬
93 = year i was born.
Sent by aberlad93,Jun 2, 2011
my username is a little intricate atheist meaning
I am the real messiah... the real Jesus, I am a normal person, a normal person is their own deity,  do not believe in a god as there isn't one you make your own life and your own rules and you act according to them, don't follow something so stupid and flawed such as a religion
Sent by TheRealMessiah,Jun 2, 2011
I have no idea, I used to play basketball when I was younger so thats where baller is prolly from, don't know how the shadow or 000 got there, I just woke up one day and bam it was there :D
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Jun 2, 2011
SexyBanana = A Banana That is Sexy! Durr~!
Sent by SexyBanana,Jun 2, 2011
everyone calls me tinabeena. It's just a cute nickname that I have acquired over the years.
Sent by tinabeena,Jun 2, 2011
its my stripper name.
Sent by stephlust,Jun 2, 2011
My name is Kay and you have to have 4 characters.
Sent by Kaay,Jun 2, 2011


My name is Ryan. (thats where the R comes from)
I'm a boy (that's where the dude comes from. i thought rdude sounded better than rboy)
and the 1 was just random
Sent by rdude_1,Jun 2, 2011
It was my myspace name back when people actually used myspace:S lol
Sent by prince_Eric,Jun 2, 2011
i like the band
Sent by DropkickMurphysfan,Jun 2, 2011
When I was a kid, I had a hat I really liked and which I lost. It had "Ireks" written on it so that's it. :D
Sent by Ireks,Jun 2, 2011
GeordieShore because
That's a popular show In the UK, and everywhere across sea's ATM
But I Lived In Newcastle For The First 16 Years Of My Life
Sent by GeordieShore,Jun 2, 2011
amylou is one of my nicknames the random numbers is from an old phone number lol
Sent by amylou8251,Jun 2, 2011
Sent by colbelliveau,Jun 2, 2011
beccajo16- cuz its my first and middle name, Rebecca Jo, and at the time I was 16.
Sent by beccajo16,Jun 2, 2011
I hate storms.
Sent by Lightning,Jun 2, 2011
No explanation.
Sent by Questionable,Jun 2, 2011
Leblanct= irl name: Trevor LeBlanc
Tigger = idk i needed a chick name :l
Sent by Tigger,Jun 2, 2011
I typed random
Sent by vockle9,Jun 2, 2011
name irl = owen. owee... owen :P
born on the 13th of January
Sent by owee13,Jun 2, 2011
it was my twitter name at the time
Sent by realityfreek,Jun 2, 2011
H-Houston (first name)
West- last name
14- favorite number/year I graduate
Sent by hwest14,Jun 2, 2011
buddy was my dogs name.. RIP buddy <3

ALC are my initals. :)
Sent by Buddyalc,Jun 2, 2011
JP is my 2 fav numbers are 9 & 23
Sent by JP923,Jun 2, 2011
my old wrestling gimmick
Sent by NexusCain,Jun 2, 2011
survivorfan is pretty self-explanatory :p and 12 was my favorite number or something, dont really remember now
Sent by survivorfan12,Jun 2, 2011
I like cake.
Sent by Icing,Jun 2, 2011
I used to use this username all of the time for things...24 is my lucky number, the Titans are my favorite team, and I considered myself a "maniacal fan" of the Titans and Jeff Gordon (whose number was 24). And I also loved the show 24 haha.
Sent by titan24maniac,Jun 2, 2011
Zedd is a small character in my favorite movie Pulp Fiction
Lord Zedd from power rangers
Dr. Zedd is a character in one of my favorite video games (Borderlands)
Im Canadian - Canadian say Z (Zedd) instead of Z (Zee)
Sent by Zedd,Jun 2, 2011
it was from a song by paramore
Sent by crush,Jun 2, 2011
my name is phannevandam. i am the cousin of the great phanne and the nephew of the blond danvandam. like my cousin i am great in challenges and like my uncle i am also a key whore.
Sent by PhanneVanDam,Jun 2, 2011

Cool: No clue
Blue: Favorite color
P: Short for penguin, my favorite animal
123: Random numbers
Sent by CoolblueP123,Jun 2, 2011
DBZ character
Sent by Zarbon,Jun 2, 2011
Sent by darkflames1999,Jun 2, 2011
dark=reminds me of the color black
flames=reminds me of the color red
red and black are my favorite colors
1999=the year i got this computer
Sent by darkflames1999,Jun 2, 2011
haha pretty obvious :P
Sent by connorthomson,Jun 2, 2011
Pinnaples are awesome.
Sent by ThePinnapleGod,Jun 2, 2011
I like the letter X since it's underused therefore more original to use, and so I was looking at the periodic table in class & took a fancy to the element Xenon. So I used that as a nickname for a roleplaying site I used to go on. Eventually over time people began calling me Zeenon randomly. I ended up liking it more but I didn't like the way the name looked... so I changed the 'e's to uppercase letters. Therefore, ZEEnon.
Sent by ZEEnon,Jun 2, 2011
Because It Was A Name I Had Admired For A Long Time. <3
Sent by Mitsuki,Jun 2, 2011
erm, i was naming my multis after thing in my room and there was an aquamarine colored folder so... :S I didnt know which multi wouldnt get banned so then here we are.
Sent by Aquamarine,Jun 2, 2011

Sent by jason_2_12,Jun 2, 2011
Sent by bigupboy,Jun 2, 2011
Sparks-Football team
75-i screwed up on email accounts witch it was supposed to be 74 but i +1'ed it
Sent by sparks75,Jun 2, 2011
Sent by bigupboy,Jun 2, 2011
Sent by Bridgette77,Jun 2, 2011
I have no explanation of mine ;(
Sent by JJJJ,Jun 2, 2011
nickname irl :\
Sent by Criiko,Jun 2, 2011
Mine is habbo rare and i would only ever have habbo rare names (if available) from this point on so wtf
Sent by Abrogate,Jun 2, 2011
its a secret :OOOO
Sent by smi9127,Jun 2, 2011
the cat part comes from my nickname and i just wrote bunny before it because it sounded good together
Sent by bunnycat,Jun 2, 2011
My dog's name is Snowball =)
Sent by Snowballini,Jun 2, 2011
Well you see... Michelle is just a pretty cool name.. And Li is my, uhhhhh last name. You know, since I'm Asian and all.
Sent by MichelleLi,Jun 2, 2011
Princess (obviously I am one) and then KK were my initials until I got married
Sent by princesskk,Jun 2, 2011
Mintcokeify= I like mint and coke and i ify alot
Sent by MintCokeify,Jun 2, 2011
Joe (1st name)
Harrin (part of my last name)
7887 (7 and 8 are my fav #'s)
Sent by jharrin7887,Jun 2, 2011
I made my account right after I poked someone on facebook.
Sent by pokemaster,Jun 2, 2011
Tykeal was a name I based off of Tybalt, my favorite character from Romeo and Juliet, and I had used the name frequently in my stories. I named my .es account Tybalt.
Sent by Tykeal,Jun 2, 2011
I'm Austin and I rule.
Sent by AustinRules,Jun 2, 2011
made it up on point XOXO
Sent by Savcodushe,Jun 2, 2011
tom = my first name
c   = the first letter of my surname
20  = day of my birthday
i wish i could change it but when i signed up i had no idea what this shizzle was
Sent by TomC20,Jun 2, 2011
i picked MichaelFisher cuz it's my irl name
Sent by MichaelFisher,Jun 2, 2011
As My Nickname Irl Is Moo As It Shorter To Say Than Molly, And Cow's Go Moo So I Put 'em Together, As I'm Cool 8) I Also Like Adding Extra Letters On Things! ;) <33
Sent by MoooCoww,Jun 2, 2011
Marek = real name
K = surname
27 = born on 27th
Sent by MarekK27,Jun 2, 2011
I joined with my friend and we made accounts pretending to be crazy old ladies hence the name Helen.
Sent by HelenCoops,Jun 2, 2011
I thought of phenomenal and animal, and made a mix of both words
Sent by Phenomanimal,Jun 2, 2011
Hershey, I love chocolate, :)
Sent by Hershey,Jun 2, 2011
Im awesome and i felt like spelling it wrong
Im a male
42 is the meaning of life
Sent by AWSUMDUDE42,Jun 2, 2011
Im totally awesome,and for some reason I love 2210,those are the numbers in like all of my usernames.Plus,awesome2210 is my username for like everything.
Sent by awesome2210,Jun 2, 2011
my name
part of my last name
the 0012 is for 12 which is my lucky number
and when I made my first AIM ianfitz12 was taken so my friend suggested 0012 and ever since then I use that because I think it sounds better
Sent by ianfitz0012,Jun 2, 2011
raygan - my name
94 - year i was born :)
Sent by raygan94,Jun 2, 2011
i have parasites
Sent by devinwithparasites,Jun 2, 2011
I joined the forum of channel 4, the channel that aired BB UK in 2007, and my name on it was *~TraceyzPrincess~* [I was 16, nearly 17 and immature loool!] Obviously, it related to my favourite HM of that series, Tracey. I took inspiration of that name from this other forum, about x factor, american idol and couples; one of the users went by 'Sharons Princess'. [Sharon Osbourne.]

Alot of people on C4 forum abbreviated the lengthiness of TraceyzPrincess to 'TP', which is where that came from, and sort of followed me here looool. Its weird as TP has no reference whatsoever to my real name, and at nearly 21, I wonder why I'm still allowing that initial, that hasn't been used in its original context for a good 3/4 yrs now to be associated with me...but I guess its kinda cool and anonymous. Anyway, I played on 'TP' to get TeePee, and put Princess in front instead. Even now, I consider myself one of those, for my love of sweetness and glitz ... Buttt I am normal!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 2, 2011
its a nickname i have for someone irl ^.^
Sent by lemonface,Jun 2, 2011
because people pronounce my name like Peetah instead of Peter, and 32 is my favorite number
Sent by Peetah32,Jun 2, 2011
I made my account in the middle of summer so idk how I got snowflake
3s my fave number
my original name was gonna be "soblitz" cuz I went on a few other sites and that was my username and I liked it from they yeah yeah yeahs album even tho I don't have it :/

I also remember sitting there for about 20 mins thinking of a username, an it was august so it must have been hot
and I probs wanted it to be cold do I came up with snowflake
Sent by snowflake3,Jun 2, 2011
Im currently the 100meter city record holder in Toronto and Edmonton so im fast, so i picked dash
Sent by Dash,Jun 2, 2011
brian= irl name
2937462= just some random numbers i typed up that i ended up memorizing :S
Sent by Brian2937462,Jun 2, 2011
my online geometry course in 8th grade gave me the username
Sent by donaam,Jun 2, 2011
It's my first name... I used to hate it haha
Sent by Nicolette,Jun 2, 2011
I am a Diva in real life and the name Diva was already used so I added the number 1 to my name so I could be the #1 Diva!
Sent by Diva1,Jun 2, 2011
Ace - My name is Ace because when I was little my name was Ace on club penguin lol

So now I use it for a lot of user-names :)
Sent by Ace27901,Jun 2, 2011
irl my real name is alfie and if you haven't talk to me in skype yet i meow irl too

so i just put it together as meowfie....

and hey thats my cat pic you post >.<
Sent by Meowfie,Jun 2, 2011
My name is Candace, and I'm really glam? haha
Sent by candaceglam,Jun 2, 2011
mike = first name irl

c = last name letter of my friend who got me into this one website and his name was kinda similar to mine so i copied the "c" part to my tengaged user

51 = im used to sites needing a certain amount of numbers in a username so i just put these incase i needed a number or 2 in my user :S

so ya not much to my name LOL
Sent by mikec51,Jun 2, 2011
black0ut- like a black out (power outage)

247- like the phrase "24/7" 24 hours a day 7 days a week (all the time)

so its like a black out, all the time...
Sent by black0ut247,Jun 2, 2011
Nathan is my name and DAMNIT is a part of my regular vocab and just a moniker I've adopted online.
Sent by NathanDamnit,Jun 2, 2011
Daniel is my first name
vk is the anitials of my last name
Sent by Danielvk,Jun 2, 2011
I'm insane irl.
Sent by Insanity,Jun 2, 2011
This used to be my Club Penguin name when I was in elementary school haha
I loved tofu and I had never really been to Taco Time, but I combined them anyway because it sounded cool
Sent by tofutime,Jun 2, 2011
TYPO it was supposed to be WowSers196, because i always say Wowsers like every few mins and 196 is my favorite number :-)
Stupid typo!
Sent by WpwSers196,Jun 2, 2011
Capricorn  Guy...and there was already Capguy so added a 1
Sent by capguy1,Jun 2, 2011
The song, lol
Sent by NoHands,Jun 2, 2011
Gaiaphage is from a book series, called Gone. It is an evil creature, coonly referred to as the "Darkness". The name just stuck with me. I have made FanFics, and Gaiaphage was in it. Ita unique, and sounds cool :p
Sent by Gaiaphage,Jun 3, 2011
i got mine from the Double Rainbow video
Sent by DoubleRainbow,Jun 3, 2011
austino-what one of my old friends called me
15-my favorite number
ff-final fantasy
fan-im a fan of final fantasy lol
Sent by austino15fffan,Jun 3, 2011
I was playing Super Mario Bros. at a college dorm and my college buddies started calling me GOLDAR, which is close to my actual name Eldar.

p.s. So it actually has nothing to do with power rangers!
Sent by Goldar,Jun 3, 2011
its a nickname ive had since i was like 5. ive always used it on the internet because its cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
but so do a lot of people. ive googled it and idk who those bitches are. :/
Sent by heatherbear,Jun 3, 2011
cause i wear shades
Sent by Shades,Jun 3, 2011
I used this username on another site years ago, and i've always liked it! (hydro945)
Sent by hydro945,Jun 3, 2011
pika= is my intials p.ka like j.lo so i added an eye (not cos of pikachu)
and sadge cos i am sagatarian and just change the spelling to the way it ssounded
Sent by pikasadge,Jun 3, 2011
im a saw fan lmao
Sent by sawfan1,Jun 3, 2011
I was hungry >.<
Sent by omnomnom,Jun 3, 2011
Because I am MontyBurns
Sent by MontyBurns,Jun 3, 2011
Half of my favorite holiday + the number of autographed Martha Stewart photos I have on my wall
Sent by Chris99x,Jun 3, 2011
My name irl is Millie, and at the time I was working on an art project of a millipede (plus I think they're kinda cool :S) and I combined them. And My old nickname (and my old account) was Millzee

Millie + Millzee + Millipede = Millzipede :D
Sent by Millzipede,Jun 3, 2011
I was thinking about my chemistry exam and about chemical things obv lol so it randomly came to me. Ali is my name irl so it is like chemical + ali. well if i had a biology exam it would be BioAli or math exam it would be MathsAli. :]
Sent by Chemicalali,Jun 3, 2011
Kelly is my first name, T is the first letter of my second, and like back in the bebo days, i typed in kellyt and it said it wasnt available and put 210 on the end and i kinda liked it so yeaa lol
Sent by Kellyt210,Jun 3, 2011
I used it on Runescape, and I have used this username on pretty much everything ever since xD
Sent by Celtic,Jun 3, 2011
im a party animal :D <3
Sent by partyanimal123,Jun 3, 2011
saxonmath--> saxonmath is a math book thingy and i love math
Sent by saxonmath,Jun 3, 2011
I like eggs :D
Jk I stole it from the Anime Kekkaishi
Sent by Yoki,Jun 3, 2011
My name is Connor and my last name begins with A soz.
Sent by connora,Jun 3, 2011
Miss- Is because i wanted to sound cool With Miss
Imogen- Cux my name is Imogen :D
Sent by MISSimogen,Jun 3, 2011
im eskimo
Sent by igloo_people,Jun 3, 2011
because its my name?
Sent by Brittanyy,Jun 3, 2011
Well Robbie is my name and RIOT comes from the Paramore CD, not to mention its just a great fucking word :P
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Jun 3, 2011
I wrote a comic called Midgetkitty in school
Sent by Midgetkitty123,Jun 3, 2011
just saw the 'blogs' tab when i made this
Sent by blogs,Jun 3, 2011
when i was a really little i was obsessed with tycoon games, rollercoaster tycoon, mall tycoon... and so on so i always would remember tycoon. and i did 1234 because there are 4 kids in my family.. so 1234! :D
Sent by tycoon1234,Jun 3, 2011
I'm ginger irl, and I added numbers to make it confusing for people to pronounce :)
Sent by g1ng4,Jun 3, 2011
well the Dusty paret is my nick name becuz my name is Dustin
adn my sister always used the user nam 12910
and it was kinda ringy so i put hem togther and became Dusty12910
Sent by Dusty12910,Jun 3, 2011
my name is juan LOL and I added the n's :)
Sent by juannn,Jun 3, 2011
My first and middle initial for j(James)d(Dean) solo b.c I joined solo and 24 bc I was 24 when I joined lol
Sent by Jdsolo24,Jun 3, 2011
mine is an inside joke irl. one of my irl friends showed me habbo so i picked the username piddu there as a joke for the lols then when i migrated here i kept it (because a lot of ppl on habbo play this, so they would know who i am)
Sent by Piddu,Jun 3, 2011
Xavier- middle name
r- first letter last name
83- day i was born august 3rd
Sent by XavierR83,Jun 3, 2011
My friend Sean is Spo7584. His initials are "SPO" and then the 7584 is his PIN number from middle school (we're in high school now :P) and I copied his idea except I didn't use my middle initial. :P
Sent by PT2506,Jun 3, 2011
i know i have one of the weirdest usernames on this site, but mine is fairly simple.

vike- i like the Minnesota Vikings....
jk- My initials
17- Day i was born/fav. number/my age atm (not when i joined the site so i guess that's not why i chose it:P)
Sent by vikejk17,Jun 3, 2011
this is really complicated so try and stay with me here...

My first name is Matthew, people call me Matty.
Matty was taken.
Added the first letter of my last name, which is G.

Also, borolad94.

Boro: support Middlesbrough
lad: I have a penis
94: Birth year
Sent by MattyG,Jun 3, 2011
My name is RJ... And my favorite number is 18. I know, I should have been more creative... :/
Sent by RJ18,Jun 3, 2011
My real name is Timmu.

Just replaced the "i" with "y" and then removed one "m".

And 888 is my favourite number so I added that too!
Sent by tymu888,Jun 3, 2011
My last name is Spartz. My track coach came up with the nickname sparticus and it has stuck. That is what I pretty much go bye. As for the 142 I chose that because it is my favorite number.
Sent by Sparticus142,Jun 3, 2011
consalvo is my last name....and when i was little i did this crazy dance and everyone called it the consalvo shuffle.....and 7's my favorite number
Sent by consalvoshuffle7,Jun 3, 2011
Gemini is my name irl, but people call me Gemi   <3
Sent by Gemini,Jun 4, 2011
Sent by TrYhArD1441,Feb 17, 2012

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