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Call out blog

Jun 3, 2018 by Masonx
FOR EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY OR WHO KNOWS MY FAMILY!!! Deshonbannedisback is a DIRTY, LOW LIFE, BROKE, BUSTED TEETH HAVIN ASS BITCH! She don't got SHIT going for her and she throws her legs open to any bum ass broke fuckin nigga. Her teeth are fuckin rotted out to the point that they look like fuckin WOODCHIPS in her damn mouth. She nasty as fuck ! I never even seen her with a fuckin toothbrush or toothpaste! DIRTY BITCH GET UR MONEY UP! For the past 2 and a half years she's lived in one of MY parents apartments RENT FREE! Because her bum ass wanted to work for a fucking corner store instead of having a fuckin education and life ! But na this Dirty bitch turns her back on MY dad and MY mom and gets my fucking dads business shut down!?? OH HELL NO. This bitch has so many fucking STDs she's prolly immune to them at this point! I deadass don't even think this bitch knows what the word DENTIST means! She's a fuckin scrub ! Hands down the NASTIEST Bitch I EVER seen. She's fuckin four feet tall thinkin the world is hers! BITCH YOU GOTTA STAND ON A FUCKIN STEP STOOL JUST TO GET NOTICED ! She's corny and a fuckin joke ! Her kids gonna grow up to see what a nasty bag of white trash looks like FIRST HAND! Leanne lost mad weight randomly but due to what Bitch??!? WE KNOW U DONT WORK OUT HOE ! her ass is FLAT and droops down like a fucking zip lock bag full of WATER. She's gross as fuck and I never even wanted to share A DRINK with that nasty bitch ! So if u see her thot ass walkin down a street in alb (prolly a nasty one) which u prolly will and ull know cause this bitches fucked up face is NOT easy to miss, wave hi and tell her how much of a nasty cunt she is


Sent by Ametrine,Jun 3, 2018

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