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A 👶baby👶🍼 was born🚼

Dec 23, 2022 by Marktint_1
in 🚑hospital 🏥 😂laughing 😂😂instead of 😭crying😭. The more ➕the 💉nurses 🌡beat him👊, the more ➕he laughed 😂😂😂😂😂so hard😂😂😂😂, suddenly😮 the doctor 💉🌡noticed 🤔he🍼 👶had something 👉👉in his hands ✊✊so he pulled 👐the tiny hands 👐apart 🙌and discovered 😟😮he was holding 3️⃣ (3)💊abortion💊 pills💊.. The 👶baby 👶then turned his head‼️ looking at his 👩mother👩..😂😂laughing 😂😜again 👊😛and said: "❌NO❌🔪🔨 WEAPON🗡🔫FASHIONED AGAINST 💯ME💯 SHALL PROSPER‼️"😂😜😝😛😂😂

‼️Comment‼️ 🙏~AMEN~🙏if you believe☝ ❌no weapon❌🔫🔪🔨 fashioned against you👈👈 in 2023 👇shall prosper ‼️😝😜😭💯😂👊



Sent by disneygeek,Dec 23, 2022

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