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10 reasons why

Jan 9, 2023 by Marktint_1
Wii Sports Baseball is the best baseball video game

1. Its the best selling single platform video game of all time

Sure it was a pack in title but it still counts

2. It only requires one hand you can do other things with your other editing Astros cheating compilations and DMing Luis Arraez on instagram that you want to have his babies

3. You can be anyone

Wanna play as Babe Ruth? Make a Mii! Wanna play as Jimmy Hoffa? Make a Mii! Wanna play as Danika Patrick? Play Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed, thats not a joke shes a playable character

4. Its on the Wii and the Wii can play Gamecube games so you can play Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Getting tired of hitting for the Cycle as failed presidential candidate Walter Mondale? Well pop in Battle For Bikini Bottom the best platformer period end of sentence, if you disagree you hate Mike Trout

5. I can make my little niece cry because im that good

Stupid kid cant tell when im throwing a Curveball

6. You can name your Mii PenisButt

Heh gottem

7. Games are only 3 innings long

Ew, 9 innings? Seems excessive, I want a game to not last longer than an SNL Cold Open and normal MLB games cant do that

8. No Yoshi

Stupid OP little sh-

9. The Announcer gives me encouragement unlike my dad who while coach of my 5th Grade Basketball team said I wasnt “doing enough”

I might not be able to shoot a 3 but at least im not divorced! HA!

10. Bowlings on the same disc

Wii Bowling is fun. Wanna Come over to my house and play? I got Capri-Sun and Cheez-its. Please im lonely



All valid arguments
Sent by coolKat,Jan 9, 2023

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