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Mar 11, 2020 by MarieTori
so since Sherry is DQd, is she like DQd during the show and shes not gonna be on the next episode or like was it afterwards and were going to see her until she gets eliminated? im confused


to my understanding, its afterwards and she's not allowed to show up to the finale
Sent by Darbe,Mar 11, 2020
Um no they can’t edit her out of the whole show since it was like filmed a year ago already. They would have to re-film the show without her.

This didn’t come out until days before the first episode aired, so there’s nothing they can do about it filming wise. They are just going to release the show and not allow her at the finale. Or promote her on anything on social media in regards to the show:
Sent by Matthew09,Mar 11, 2020
If they want to re-edit her challenge wins and give them to other queens (since the sponsors that give out prizes arent gonna give prizes to her bc thats horrible for their brand) then it wouldn't be the craziest thing the editors have ever put together

but i think at the very worst she'll get removed at top 5, at best we have a top 2 and sherry is 3rd and disqualified
Sent by etaco75,Mar 11, 2020
etaco75 spoilers have been Sherry makes f4. So I’m not sure how they’re going to work out the finale lip syncs. Possibly give 5th placer the spot? Not sure. But if they already filmed the season they are going to have time at least to figure it out until the finale right?
Sent by Matthew09,Mar 11, 2020
i think they gonna re-edit the episodes where shes shown less, but shes not showing up at the finale so in case she makes f4, they probably are gonna milk that out and have a lip sync battle between top 5 and top 6 girl to take her place
Sent by sihz,Mar 11, 2020

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