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  1. LMAO holy fuck that AUS Survivor episode
  2. what the FUCK
  3. throws coin into a well
  4. omg
  5. i honestly
  6. i get to work last night
  7. help a girl in need
  8. If I ever turn 26
  9. im in a state
  10. if someone wants to be rly hot and sexy
  11. ya billies fine
  12. why do i feel like
  13. who was that old ass tg woman
  14. unfriended levonini
  15. is keshas album tonight
  16. Obv can't wait for Winners at War
  17. i got the 11 pro max today
  18. my avi looks like me irl
  19. im gna binge kaoh rong
  20. circle, update my status
  21. omg i cant find anything to WATCH
  22. gay sex any1?
  23. Watch Dickinson on Apple TV!!!!
  24. hi
  25. hi lets see
  26. I’ve always loved Laurel
  27. 1 things for sure
  28. drugs are fine too experiment with
  29. my avi is a thirst trap
  30. i think he knows
  31. i keep telling myself to go to sleep earlier
  32. is kat going ;( ;( ;(
  33. Thanks ddy
  34. It's very sad to me
  35. am i the only 1
  36. i adopted a black dog
  37. duz any hot pieces
  38. happy leo season
  39. so bella is going forsure now?
  40. rly Lemjam?

rly Lemjam?

Jul 21, 2019 by MarieTori
Nomming me with your HOH and then negging me on the final day?
you rly did that to the TG public... sad!


My mind
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 21, 2019

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