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  1. 1 things for sure
  2. drugs are fine too experiment with
  3. my avi is a thirst trap
  4. i think he knows
  5. i keep telling myself to go to sleep earlier
  6. is kat going ;( ;( ;(
  7. Thanks ddy
  8. It's very sad to me
  9. am i the only 1
  10. i adopted a black dog
  11. duz any hot pieces
  12. happy leo season
  13. so bella is going forsure now?
  14. rly Lemjam?
  15. Who is the renom gonna be
  16. I’m just catching up on BB
  17. i only eva had 1 multi
  18. so whos going
  19. who is jack nomming
  20. i rly hate eating
  21. so is kemi going
  22. does anyone shop at zara
  23. Suing Miley Cyrus (VLOG COMING)
  24. awww thanks daddy
  25. Oasia for BB22
  26. 2388
  27. minus those couple white guys
  28. a bit about me
  29. Someone rated my avi a 4
  30. Do yall
  31. AS5
  32. If you could meet up with one person
  33. ALERT
  34. Watch CLAWS on hulu pls :(
  35. any1 wanna be friends
  36. PYN
  37. is Davonne not on next ssn of the challenge?
  38. damn
  39. Can someone please find me a link
  40. They killed Maergery for THIS?

i rly hate eating

Jul 1, 2019 by MarieTori
I love the idea of food but then I eat like 5 bites of my food. when im not with people i skip meals accidentally because i literally just forget and don't get hungry.


probably easier to just drink your calories then
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jul 1, 2019

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