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  1. My avi is rly cute
  2. Stars ppl
  3. whos playing in veto
  4. Who do I contact about sexual harassment?
  5. who does it seem
  7. prays
  8. feeds ppl
  9. When does
  10. Does anyone wanna buy me a candle
  11. Azealia delivered
  12. vote for MARIE :)
  13. I don't watch feeds
  14. sittin
  15. Kaitlyn is so good
  16. It's interesting
  17. Y’all are so mad
  18. TOUCHDOWN!!! YES!!
  19. I can't believe
  20. Hey crackers
  21. 07/30/2018
  22. RPDR
  23. what time is BB tonight
  24. Okay... need to confront this
  25. All yall ugly ass faggots
  26. runs my fingers down Jgoodies chest
  27. Giggles
  28. No returning players xxxx
  29. Confessional
  30. who the fuck is fighterman
  31. some1 buy me robux thanks xo
  33. Any1 tried
  34. Natalie Cole wins Survivor
  35. OMG
  36. I'm so bothered
  37. Queer Eye
  38. Don't fucking bully me :(
  39. By a vote of 10-0-0
  40. Ariana Grande got engaged to Pete Davidson from..

It's interesting

Jul 4, 2018 by MarieTori
Seeing the sides of this season of BB atm and how split peoples opinions are. I feel like normally people are all rooting for the same side for the most part. I'm def team Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Fessy/Bayleigh but I don't even dislike the other side. I think most people are interesting to watch


Steve’s really the only person I dislike
Sent by Crayadian,Jul 4, 2018
@crayaidan Yeah hes my last person rn, I dont rly watch feeds but i keep up on some shit w/ jokers an stuff
Sent by MarieTori,Jul 4, 2018
I’m also supporting that alliance but I was surprised to see them at the bottom of jokers because the other side seems waaay to arrogant
Sent by Carsonl,Jul 4, 2018
carsonl ya LOL I don't get it the other side is so predictable to me, its the athletic cool kids idk they're kinda corny. I really like Kaitlyn shes entertaining af
Sent by MarieTori,Jul 4, 2018
Ew the gross side
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jul 4, 2018
im not rooting for any particular side and i do hope it isnt a one-sided sweep
Sent by Zuelke,Jul 4, 2018
zuelke ya same Im hoping its like OTT and its a lot of power shifts
Sent by MarieTori,Jul 4, 2018

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