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  1. oh my god
  2. top cutest boy
  3. who up tht aint ugly
  4. canadas gay as fuck
  5. During a time of need for my friend
  7. a day of dissapointments
  8. I don't even stan that boring bitch
  9. im so fucking grateful for my ex.
  10. Name that TGer!!
  11. does anyone wanna tengaged date me
  12. whats everyone think of vivor
  13. sup huns
  14. bye for now
  15. insatiable renewed
  16. out w the old x
  17. LOL i rly dont mind cardigan
  18. Cardigan Backyardian
  19. Nicki
  20. lit havent watched since Kaitlyn went home
  21. fuck yall
  22. Can whatever this gay ass TRS shit is
  23. *shakes ass as I slaughter my chicken*
  24. Sharp Objects
  25. Sharp Objects finale tonight!!!!
  26. who won veto im confused
  27. Sitting on call with a guy
  28. watch insatiable
  29. is scottie going
  31. is scottie going
  32. LOL
  33. someone play rupauls drag race roblox w me
  34. Sweetener ranking
  35. whos fessy nomming
  36. Hola que pasa
  37. Just finished the new shameless x
  38. how is queen
  39. my avatar is so good
  40. is RS forsure going

what time is BB tonight

Jun 28, 2018 by MarieTori


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