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  1. Can you un-adopt someone?
  2. Oh my god
  3. Stream Cuz I Love You
  4. happy valentines day
  5. levonini got uglier lol
  6. Join frooks w Marie
  7. whos going home in cbb
  8. the nicki freestyle remixes
  9. i want to blow someone on the blogs page
  10. I really want to blow
  11. join frooks w me im bored
  12. unpopular opinion
  13. I wish MTV/VH1
  14. Wishing
  15. How sad
  16. This half time show is trash
  17. PYN || Biracial couple looking for a 3rd...
  18. it pays to be kind
  19. i think
  20. never forget
  21. I don’t get enough credit
  22. Hey boyfriend
  23. fuck all of you pussy bitches
  24. Join frooks
  25. frooks? xxx
  26. Winner and i sit at the finale
  27. SAD!
  28. Winner got evicted
  30. im the most likable person
  31. i have to many tgers on snap
  32. allieboballie hates trans ppl
  33. ive rly been wanting
  34. im sick
  35. am I allowed
  36. Looking for new friends
  37. 7 rings slaps
  38. Just got out of the slammer
  39. I’m not watching that gay shit
  40. ohhh ok

Unfriended all of the negative people in my life

May 12, 2018 by MarieTori


aww bye tito
Sent by WillTraitor,May 12, 2018
seeee ya teeeet
Sent by AllieBoBallie,May 12, 2018
Oh you unfriended me MarieTori

That's cute!
Sent by TooFrezhx0,May 13, 2018
toofrezhx0 Bitch! This is a new account, we never had each other added, added you now boo :*
Sent by MarieTori,May 13, 2018

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