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  1. I’m not watching that gay shit
  2. ohhh ok
  3. about to update my pyn xx
  4. lauren jaruegui
  5. the fact
  6. PYN
  7. tht looks like titoburittos cock
  9. yall r fucking gross
  10. Im a leo xxx
  11. who shud i shoot 15 rows at
  12. stupid bitches i dont like
  13. are gays
  15. Rediscovering my heterosexuality
  16. lookin for a girlfriend
  17. Im going back into the closet
  18. Stars support xx
  19. Missing Juan :(
  20. AS4 Ranks ATM
  21. This is BULLSHIT
  22. Happy New Year <3
  23. the only person I have filtered
  24. just took 13 pics
  25. Merry Xmas everyone <3
  26. I hate getting off at 5am
  27. Really think I'm outgrowing my friendship
  28. I dont mean to brag
  29. + if you think im gay
  31. Ms Smalls
  32. Is there a returnee on RPDR
  33. I'm VERY cool
  34. does anyone have like a leak of RPDR tonight :(
  35. I’m gonna be sooo nice in 2019
  36. Am I nice?
  37. Hi be my 1st question
  38. spoiler question [survivor next season
  39. Angelina is a queen
  40. if this fucking queen somehow pulled it off

I really didn't expect that

Apr 11, 2018 by MarieTori
I thought the girls had pulled off the Libby vote. I also don't understand why the fuck he wouldn't use an idol. Good ep.

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