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  1. For ever +20
  2. I want to die
  3. oh my god
  4. Vlogs to come!!!
  5. the actual song of the night
  6. So Im getting into drag :)
  7. chun li rly is the song of the year
  9. AHH OMG
  10. RPDR Thots
  11. Just did my makeup
  12. lmao
  13. Vivor thots
  14. I really didn't expect that
  15. ofc a white man gets this power.
  16. PYN
  17. Never spoken to Matt
  18. this design
  20. I'M GAY!!!
  21. How do people eat pancakes
  22. 9-1-1
  23. Transformice?
  24. hi cuties
  25. *deathdrops*
  26. shawn mendes song is sooo good
  27. I just realized
  28. when will we know anything
  29. Bitches stay forgetting the law
  30. lemme hear yall faggots make some noise
  31. anti trans rights
  32. Pro choice xxx
  33. Someone on tengaged
  34. k going to bed
  35. does anyone wanna show me
  36. join castings and lets be friends
  37. tht show rise premiered
  38. duz anyone else
  39. music
  40. UGHH

I really didn't expect that

Apr 11, 2018 by MarieTori
I thought the girls had pulled off the Libby vote. I also don't understand why the fuck he wouldn't use an idol. Good ep.

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