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  1. when will we know anything
  2. Bitches stay forgetting the law
  3. lemme hear yall faggots make some noise
  4. anti trans rights
  5. Pro choice xxx
  6. Someone on tengaged
  7. k going to bed
  8. does anyone wanna show me
  9. join castings and lets be friends
  10. tht show rise premiered
  11. duz anyone else
  12. music
  13. UGHH
  14. Des staying?
  15. Guess Who? - Trenyce Chat
  16. im a top
  17. Name that TGer
  18. Talented. x
  19. Beyonce went vegan
  20. Challenge Thots
  21. All you fucking queers need to shut up
  22. whos all dropping albums this year?
  23. I have a crush on someone on call :(
  24. Name that TGer
  25. my avi
  26. Thots
  28. +15 and ill spoil the first TG drag race queen
  29. just had a dream
  30. Reality thots
  31. TAR
  32. tired of the hate.
  33. any1 wanna flirt?
  34. There goes the faggot
  35. Who is HOH gonna nom
  36. can someone send me a stream
  37. I just needa get this off my chest
  38. PYN
  39. Imagine hating Brandi
  40. CBB Ranks xx

+15 and ill spoil the first TG drag race queen

Mar 4, 2018 by MarieTori


its kelly0412
Sent by MarieTori,Mar 4, 2018
Sent by Danger,Mar 4, 2018
After a long night 😪of hooking, 😍😏trade 😷didn’t like🙅‍♂️😤 the session 👌🏻👈🏻💦so he had gutted 😵🔪me..and set me on fire🔥..but you know😲 I didn’t die..🙅☠️ I had crystalized👸💎 …and now I’m a Glamazon 💁bitch🤷‍♀️, ready for the runway💃💃😭😩
Sent by Girllover101,Mar 4, 2018
me at the expose
Sent by Kelly0412,Mar 4, 2018

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