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PYN 💙💚💛

2ndJan 14, 2020 by MarieEve
for a small opinion

lovelykiss I cant find anything bad to say but maybe I dont like your skype pic? you are always been nice to me and hope we play a game soon :)

Lexeyjane someone we both know made me not really like u in the was stupid from me because once I talked to you I saw easily how nice u are. Continue been a great sister and a friend for cam. He is lucky to have you.

pinkiepie512 You are a rainbow in a gray sky are like a dog in a field full of bones and balloons loll What I means is your happiness and joy is contagious! I having your energy. always nice talking to you!

top20fan33 I always remember you for been an Billie eilish fan because I didnt know her back then and asked u who was your profile pic on skype lol good ally for me in games and you always been nice to me. Stop those jokes about suicide tho...its not who you are ♡

Goodkaren is it 11h11 yet ? haha you have been known for 3 things in tg. 1. 11h11...2. your cat gif....3. for been someone so nice and empty of any kind of evil. (idk how to say it) but I never saw you saying any bad thing about anyone. People should take your example.

turkeylover We barely know each others. but I know we played some castings together ? always see you in a good way which is good. let's play a game soon!

Astone929 Where to start lol. It was nice at first..the flirt was fun. Even when you got jealous at first I thought it was cute. But me and you had our ups and downs And I forgave a lots of them. Call me stupid I still dont hate you. You play the game as someone who play girls, a player macho (idk how else to call it lol sorry ) and etc but i also know u have a good side. I saw that good side of you couples times....that's the AJ I like ..just wish you show that side of you more often 🤷‍♀️

thirteen the good brother lol sorry had to say it. you have a good sens of humor and I respect that. you are very creative and actually You are yourself ..a very unique personality ! I can see your writing good.horror movies books etc !

Thumper91 you are a nice girl, always nice playing games with you ! We don't really talk lots outside games but when we did its always been good. let's talk more ?

jonmcgillis I'm sorry I dont really know you ? give me your Skype we can talk more ?

malachite05 ex gave up on me for another girl so easily! Jokes are ...mysterious! and I'm a curious girl...who are u? I dont even know your real name wtf. lol why so mysterious lol anyways you are straight we know it! Anyways we should talk more!

Blitszims omg Fiona my daughter ♡ I love you...seriously   you kara and ryan are my best friends on this site. I would so like meeting you would be so fun! You are loyal and that's something I respect the most probably in people. I would never betray you and I believe you will never too. Getting on call with you is so funny too. we should do drunk call next time I will be able to lol Love you fiona and whoever saying you are bad dont know you like I do. Now the mother in me will wanna tell u this: my daughter ♡you only need good people around you to have real fun...nothing else (if u dont know what iam referring to u can skype me)❤❤❤

The_kid : I recently met you and omg you are so nice. Gladly I can say welcome in my tengaged family son! We can say that certain person did something good....because of our hate toward that person me and you started to talk. I can only say good things about you and wish we can play more games together. talk to me whenever u want. I'll be there. ♡

guigi je t'aime trop!!! tu es tellement Nice et je suis vraiment contente de t avoir connu. je mennui par contre...on ne se parle pas assez!

maxi1234 mon ami canadien :) on joue pas assez de game ensemble ! jamais eu de problème avec toi :)

amnesia_ u are so so so nice to everyone. More people should take example of u. I love you lots but I think we dont talk enough ! let's join a castings soon!!! love u♡

sprtsgy1989 cool guy ...never had a problem with you. you remind me of thirteen btw ! are u both ok each others?

boicam77 I like you when you dont sleep 😂 ok jokes aside You are nice and I like u . talk to me whenever u feel to. We need to play again but not survivor lmao more like a castings etc ♡

sameed27 son! and 27 is my bday date yay that's a sign. we dont talk like we used to but it's cool who want their mom always there when they grow up lol love u and hope we will merge together in survivor :)

ghrocky100 hey We arent close but I remember u in group games. nothing bad to say about you too. always been nice to me.


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