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  1. tara go on Skype plz
  2. omg wait
  3. To the left to the left
  4. karma
  5. First hoh charity ♡
  6. ure
  7. K4R4K is the best
  8. some people are so ungrateful
  9. whoever gift me the sexy Santa
  10. PYN drunk opinion
  11. anyone who live in countries with no snow
  12. is this charity gonna be a success or not ?
  13. can't wait for later
  14. Take my test :)
  15. Zero
  16. look like trash really love drama
  17. Tara talking shit again lol
  18. Best day ever ♡
  19. I don't like good bye
  20. is that kind of person u wanna support in stars ?
  21. glad to be in the 10%
  22. PYN 💙💚💛
  23. slowly
  24. Happy birthday to you sister ♡
  25. Jackson I love you like my son !!!!
  26. sweet_susan you are the best !!!!
  27. Tara u maybe deleted thirteen
  28. when someone is so hated
  29. lmao cant wait
  30. whatever I do
  31. Join first hoh charity plz
  32. Do you know how to make me happy rn ?
  33. Good morning 💞
  34. public statement lol
  35. Are you available now?
  36. it Feel awesome
  37. I don't know what to give to my mom
  38. All I want for Christmas
  39. aj
  40. Distant people

what should I watch on Netflix

May 30, 2019 by MarieEve
since my Netflix partner let me down...I'm gonna find something else to myself


Sense8, Sex Education, They Society, Total Drama, Outlander, F is for Family or Big Mouth
Sent by jmctwin,May 30, 2019
schitt's creek, weeds, twin peaks
Sent by PoohSnap,May 30, 2019
What / If premiered last weekend and is fabulous.
Dead to Me premiered at the beginning of May and it is also fabulous.
Sent by rozlyn,May 30, 2019

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