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  1. Say some bad names to
  2. Anyone know where I can buy
  3. Plzzzzzzz
  4. Plzzzzzzz
  5. Please.donate me I need o.6t$
  6. Omg what a surprise
  7. He is so nice
  8. Welcome back
  9. Men sucks
  10. Nothing better
  11. Welcome back
  12. Omg Jay:(
  13. Sexy Lips on a man
  14. What is the best body part
  15. Hey everyone 🌻
  16. I love you
  17. Best day ever
  18. Love you so much Zach
  19. Nevermind
  20. I wanna be a bad girl too
  21. Hey everyone 🌻
  22. 500th charity was a success because of you all ♡
  23. Confession.
  24. Plus it
  25. When admin does something for someone is bad
  26. Passionfruit
  27. Ok since you are jealous of Fiona
  28. I dedicate us this song
  29. Thank you so much for the gift
  30. Oops
  31. Wow you coming back on tengaged
  32. Love u...
  33. Curious?
  34. Can we stop the drama
  35. pyn ♡
  36. To the left to the left
  37. Good morning 💞
  38. I lost 1 friend
  39. Who here wanna be
  40. 👻Thumper91 IS A QUEEN👻

Daily appreciation blog

Jan 11, 2019 by MarieEve
You are my best friend and Ily
Thanks for been there for me..I think you are the one who know the most about me in this entire site.
Thanks for all the games we played together.
I will miss you


eveeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for this! 💜
Sent by woeisme,Jan 11, 2019

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