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  1. Fuck
  2. PYN 馃挋馃挌馃挍
  3. All you want is what you can't get back
  4. Now
  5. I'm so happy because today
  6. To the left to the left
  7. Tell me a lie
  8. Hope you all enjoy your day
  9. Do you believe in love after life
  10. Omg
  11. Lonely, I'm so lonely
  12. PYN 馃挋馃挌馃挍
  13. Tell me something, boy
  14. Randomize look what you have done
  15. Make me laugh
  16. For some people here
  17. When I die
  18. Pic of me
  19. 馃専stars support 馃専
  20. Need someone
  21. Just when you think
  22. To the left to the left
  23. Coffee
  24. What should I blog about
  25. Ask me questions;)
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  28. Describe your last fart
  29. This Christmas
  30. Have a wonderful day everyone 馃尰
  31. Like being called a liar
  32. Oh wowwww
  33. Wish I were cool too
  34. I truly hate
  35. Love my new blog pic
  36. My mind's telling me noooooo
  37. And who can love you like me? (Nobody)
  38. Dream vs reality
  39. I'm so sorry
  40. Don't forget to breathe plz


Nov 14, 2018 by MarieEve
Who do you think you are?!
And wtf is that username ? More Like burned rat ...馃悁
Guess what I wished you got evicted first on our hunger game but I had to keep you unfortunately because passionfruit was so scared to be out of the frat if he did that ....
Anyways that pyn was so bad that It made me do this hate blog about you and I hate you for this


you're so bad at being mean xD
Sent by Philip13,Nov 14, 2018
Called it LOL
Sent by FireWolf,Nov 14, 2018
philip13 lmao shhh I know lolll I just can't 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Sent by MarieEve,Nov 14, 2018
i agree with Philip13
Sent by paul028,Nov 14, 2018

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